33 thoughts on “Got Lodgings?”

        1. The John Denver blow-up boyfriend doll deflates... so it takes up little space.

  1. That fat fucker will need a deuce-and-a-half...

    ...and it'll still be a tight fit.

  2. You have to wonder why the imaginary John Denver lad didn't let Bill move in with him. It's all very.......QUEER

  3. Shakey would need a flat bed semi and still lop over the sides.

    good thing he doesnt have to share real space with his mannish ginger figment aint it?

  4. So Bill Schmalfledt has made up a story about some sweetie pie boyfriend in SC that he is moving in with? At least he has come out of the closet. But I imagine this is a false front - he probably made up the online accounts and is tucking tail and heading to OR or WA where a freak like him fits right in. Maybe Deb Frisch will take him in?

    And I bet he just abandoned the pets. Kicked 'em out the door and left. Asshole.

    1. I am normally just bemused by the scumbag. He's like Typhoid Mary for schadenfreude.

      But abandoning the animals to whatever fate awaits them... that actually pisses me off. At the very least, that would make him a lower order of beast than them.

    2. Deb can't help him. She's in jail for another 45 days, then has ten years of probation for her conviction on felony harassment...

      See how that works, Cousin Dreadfudd?

  5. Nah... the John Denver boyfriend is real....

    A real blow-uo doll.

    Only way that fat fucking loser could possibly get laid.

    And even then his boyfriend will have a "headache" more often than not.

        1. Dammit AJ!!!1!!

          Now we all need Mind's Eye Bleach.

          And I always forget the embed code.

  6. Holy hell, Blob, you suck at doing female voices. You just sound like a demented butt pirate.

  7. So he dyed the John Denver male sex doll's hair RAAAAAZBERRY and poorly imitated a female voice for it on that trainwreck of a podcast...

    "Her" voice sounded WAAAAAY too much like yours, Fatass... a complete fucking douchcanoe tool.

    Thanks for playing, dumbfuck. Try again when you grow a brain.

    1. C'mon, you know the rule.

      If it sounds exactly like his voice doing an impression of someone auditioning for a jug band, it isn't.

  8. Looks like Fatty McFakinson picked up some skanky male crack addict with RAZBERRRRY hair and posted pics on twitter playing tonsil hockey, trying to prove that someone.... ANYONE on this planet finds him the least bit appealing.

    Your John Denver blow-up sex doll boyfriend is gonna be so jealous, Blobbasaurus.....

  9. Before I forget, the new online pool is active on when Cousin Bill posts a picture of he and the skank's hairless cat in a "Dr. Evil" pose. Sounds like fun! Credit to BPO for the idea.

    Five bucks per entry, usual rules.

    Don't forget the other active pools:

    - picture of new domicile posted
    - next rant on "Hoge/Krendler/Grady is stallllkiiing me!"
    - next phase of the Schmalcycle
    - next Twitter handle expiration (congrats to gb420 on the latest win - that was a HUGE pot!)
    - next faildox
    - next monkey dance
    - next pet abandonment
    - next call to or visit from the police
    - next characterization of anyone as a homosexual

    The next "butt stuff" reference pool has proven too unwieldy, so I'm canceling that as a recurring pool. Anyone who had outstanding lines on that one gets a credit or credits to apply to an active pool.

  10. How can he be so un-selfaware as to post so unflattering a picture of his new beloved? She looks like she cut herself shaving. Judging from the far far...kinder...depictions she has made of herself, she has some issues with self esteem, all of which will be horrifically magnified the longer she stays with a man who revels in taking humiliating pictures of those he claims to love,


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