22 thoughts on “From the Lost Journals of Bob”

  1. "And then I rolled it into a ball and sniffed it. My many blogs don't write themselves, you know!"

  2. The editor of a fake news web site has not posted a word on tweeter, his personal web site or the fake news site in over 48 hours. I feel a vast explosion of stupid building.

      1. He's probably writing the next Great American Failsuit (tm).

        If named, no, I won't accept the damned thing until I'm properly served, and yes, I know exactly where Randazza's Hartford office is. I've been in that building on other business within the last year.

        There's convenient parking right across the street.

    1. He's probably just busy filling out his taxes as completely and legally as he can.

      ... checks Google for "Mayo footlongs deduction" search frequency...


    2. I was correct a " vast explosion of stupid" was building, and is getting close to blowing.


  3. We could always hope that he is laying in the center of his hovel, expired in a massive mound of cholesterol, JWR, and cigars....

    Don't envy the forensic techs assigned to clean up that mess.

    1. There can't be many rotting whale carcass removal teams in Iowa.

  4. I'm sure he's been quiet because he is authoring his next blockbuster legal motion. No really. Stop laughing. It could happ....bwhahahahahahahaha. OK, you got me. If he's planning on filing anything else it will be his usual half assed swill.

        1. Without any hard facts, my guess is that Wailing Willie does NOT fix seven or eight meals a day. That would require work. It is far less demanding to prepare a few simple but ample meals a day. . Post-Toasties swimming in JWR and mayonaisse takes only seconds to prepare, provides a plethora of calories, includes multiple food group, and gives a unique mixture of tastes.

        2. You can order Dominos online. I've never tried it but I bet you can schedule staggered deliveries throughout the day.

        3. That would work until the delivery people refused to stop delivering to certain addresses.


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