4 thoughts on “Do Not Ever Let It Be Said”

  1. Trying to get this letter just right:

    Dear NIH:

    I am writing to let you know of a wondrous miracle which I think should merit your immediate attention. It seems that a victim of Parkinsons disease who was near death and had even been a member of one of your clinical trials has, for the first time ever, gone into remission. This person was completely unable to perform even the lightest of activities and inclement weather and any social stress would exacerbate his symptoms to the point of complete incapacitation. He had to live on SS disability for may years because of his inability to work in any meaningful way. I know you will want to investigate this case in detail and discover what factors led to this miracle, and I am sure he will want to help you in your search as this could mean a cure for this terrible disease for people that actually still have this awful disease.

  2. Would bringing marshmallows be in poor taste?

    I mean, even zombies gotta have standards.


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