Congratulations! It’s a Bouncing Baby Stalker!!!

This is just since this morning.

And he thought GAIL was his soulmate??

I can’t wait for the “IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEEEE!!!” fights to start.

“The Battle for Narcissistic Sociopathic World Domination…BEGINS!”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “Congratulations! It’s a Bouncing Baby Stalker!!!”

  1. Ruh Roh! Battle for World Domination? That must mean you want The Blob to kill her. That must mean you want to kill her!


    (Where's the picture of the kitteh?)

    1. I see I was almost correct. He's blaming Grady instead. Hard to keep track when he keeps switching villains in each tweet.

      1. It would seem that DUMBFUCK has forgotten that he knows a little German...

    2. Ooooooooooo YEEEAaaaaaaaaah!

      (I tried to find a pic of a kitteh dressed up like Macho Man Randy Savage, but I came up empty). 🙁

  2. You know how excitable women get after they've been single for a whole six months.

    1. Was she single or did they hook up while her poor husband was drawing his last breaths?

        1. Bill can't have a goiter -- a goiter is a swelling on the neck, and he doesn't have a neck.

        2. I don't think strict adherence to the dictionary is helpful here. The enormous roll of flesh just below his face corresponds, roughly to what would be the neck of an unmutated human, so I think describing it as a goiter is appropriate.

  3. At least Smirks did slightly better on her own Gofundme begging than Bill did. In fairness to Bill, she had a much better story. Neither seem to have succeeded in being the kind of person that people gladly extend a helping hand toward, judging by the lack of response. Sad!

  4. You know what I like. What I absolutely adore?

    The Yokohama Casanova thinks he's found Soulmate 4.0. The numbers say something different.

    In the flower of romance, Bill Schmalfeldt - a man not exactly famous for sharing the details of his life - has mentioned his new beloved (bless her heart) only in passing.

    During his current 24 hour feldtdown, he's ranted about Patrick Grady and/or Krendler dozens of times, @mentioning him repeatedly, despite "establishing a Krendler-free zone" just yesterday afternoon.

    I think that establishes beyond any doubt who Schmalfeldt's real soul mate is.

    Thank Christ he can no longer fuck, because I think we all know what name he'd be calling out as he releases.

    1. "I think we all know what name he'd be calling out as he releases."


  5. So 21 visits from someone who knows they are banned. That's some world class Cray Cray right there.

    1. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has a "mini" me.

      How lovely. *eyeroll*

      BTW – I thought BS was all about the teeth. The fat slob sure has insulted others for years regarding the condition of their chicklets.

      Perhaps there is an unfortunate side effect to a never-before-heard-of, miraculous recovery of Stage Eleventy Parkinson's Disease... blindness.


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