Another Milestone Reached

Today is April 19, 2017, and that means it’s SIX MONTHS TO THE DAY since Badass Bill Schmalfeldt Klaimed That Kops Were Koming To Klap Kuffs on Krendler!

Because he thinks I took this picture:

…and he probably wet his pants. I’m sure the Palatine cops are hot on the trail of the culprit, who – so I have been informed – doesn’t even live in Illinois (contrary to DUMBFUCK’S double lie about a nonexistent security camera taking a nonexistent photograph of a car with IL plates that was never there to be photographed.

[And he says he’s not a liar! I wonder if he sticks the cigar he never smokes in his gob to type that.  Actually, when he says he’s not a liar, I think he’s trying to say he’s not evenhalfway decent liar, which would be a lot closer to being correct.]

First thing the cops probably need to do is find the shredded complaint and reassemble the cross-cut pieces.  Actually, it was probably recycled into a greeting card or one of those drink holders that you get from McDonalds, so they (and poor DUMBFUCK) are just as likely out of luck.

It has been suggested that I either add a new counter for the Great Clinton Tire Slashing of 2017, or drop the current counter in favor of the new one.

I’m going to leave the one I have right where it is.  The larger that number gets, the better it serves to remind all of you wonderful Zombies just how much of a nutshuffling penis our pal is.

Let’s check in again at 365 days of futility, shall we?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Another Milestone Reached”

  1. Six months? We should have a party. Aww, who am I kidding, every day is a party when you're PLMing the Krapper Klown and his Kooky Klaims.

    1. Speaking of which, Howard...who do you predict will end up wearing the Irish Sunglasses in this relationship?

      I think it could go either way, until somebody starts lacing the morning coffee.


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