Wait…what is that?

That thing right there…

Around that fuglycat’s neck…what does it say?


Better zoom in a little…


…we have to settle for Bill Schmalfeldt.

Poor cat.  Born ugly and now cursed.

Still…better off than BAR-B-Q Boris, I’ll bet.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Bill Schmalfeldt molests pussy on internet, Animal Rights groups in uproar.

  2. That little beastie is probably trying to figure out where in that pile of goo the throat is and how long it's going to take to tear it out while Blob sleeps.

    1. Poor kitty. No neck for it to bite, and entrails shielded by a solid foot of blubber.

      1. Habitual drug abuse; meth for example, will cause skin abrasions which could also indicate a STD infection. Who knows what itchy, crawly sensations that could overtake a Vaping Aficionado and cause them to grab for the nearest sharp object. What does a DumbF5ck have to worry about during a JWR blackout? 🙂

      2. common side effect of poor photoshop I do believe.

        there is only so much you can do to make a male mannequin look female AND real you know.

        although it would certainly help if he tried using a real wig instead of a Halloween special leftover from last year.

    1. On information and belief ALL of them except Bill. He has written and talked about other hairless appendages.

  3. Cheap lodgings judging by the condition of the cupboard door behind him. (Though it would probably only take a screw driver and 30 seconds to fix.)

    That poor kitty has an expression that makes Grumpy Cat look positively cheerful.

  4. not surprised Shake's is (attempting to at least ) befriend the cat.

    Pussies gotta stick together after all, and his pretendy ladyBoi just doesnt count, no matter how much he photoshops the pictures he fakes.

  5. Sphynx are definitely an acquired taste. I will admit, that after years of recoiling from them, and now that I actually co-own one, they are truly some of the sweetest creatures out there. Their skin feels like warm luscious velvet - when taken care of properly.

    I hosted the our little sweetheart for a week recently (she usually lives with my breeding partner) when she was in heat so my stud, Zeus, could work his magic upon her. If our breeding is successful, the kittens could be sold for in excess of $3000. Each.

    Somehow I don't think that whomever it was that scoffed at people for not being able to afford a "show quality" Sphynx has no clue at the size of my current breeding operation - neither the prices I have paid nor the prices my kittens have commanded. Xhe should shut the ever loving you-know-what up.

    But xhe won't. And he won't. And the blatant idiocy is, well, just FUN!

      1. Yep. I'm not exaggerating. But, the downside of it is you could end up with a kitten that doesn't meet the standard and it's essentially worth nothing. Thems the breaks though.

    1. But xhe won't. And he won't
      little redundant there considering xhe is he

      but in case xhe isn't, well IF they are real, they are with Fail Whale so how smart can they really be?
      I mean we're probably talking about someone who makes Forrest Gump look like a genius.

      IF they are real, which I still doubt. That level of stupid usually gets itself killed young you know.

  6. Ronald McDonald blow-up boyfriends don't spend any money on fuggly cats...

    Go fuck yourself, Fatboy.

  7. The question is: "Does his cat like his imaginary girlfriend?" He doesn't have a cat, you say? DID HE FREAKING ABANDON ANOTHER SET OF PETS? He has abandoned more pets than wives, at this point.

    And it is an imaginary girlfriend. No woman who saw how Bill Schamlfeldt acted toward his late wife would have a thing to do with him. He published intimate details about her failing health, distributed her deathbed photos, and offered to send pictures of her corpse to anyone who asked. He treats women in relationships with him as garbage - no women would subject herself to this treatment.

    1. Absolutely no one asked. He challenge-demanded that other people wanted them and then acted like they asked. All the action was on his side. Same cheap game as with the hospital pictures. He sends them then blames others for sending them. Any other version of these exchanges helps him with his projection.

      1. He practically begged people to ask. Then sued me for telling his relatives, "Yo, go two pages back, _HERE_ where he was begging us to send him email addresses he could send corpse-pics to." Not an exact quote, but the sentiment is spot on.


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