You Can’t Fix Stupid

I little bit shy of two years ago, I published this.  The portion worth repeating today is this:

Sexting consequence 2

It’s embarrassing. The girl in the photo meant her picture for her boyfriend’s eyes only, but that’s not how it ended up. Once something’s on a cell phone, it can be forwarded, uploaded, downloaded, edited, and passed around the Internet and around the world. While the girl in the photo meant her picture for her boyfriend, if they break up, he’ll still have the photo and can do whatever he wants with it. Sexting consequences have included teens who have attempted suicide, and one girl recently succeeded in taking her own life because her photo was forwarded to everyone in her school. Nothing is worth that type of embarrassment. Ever.

Consider where the ultimate responsibility lies when a naughty picture escapes onto the Internet.  There was a recent scandal regarding several celebrities’ phones being hacked and nude pictures leaking into the internet. Snapchat’s business model rests on the idea that whatever a user sends is auto deleted after a few seconds from the destination device, but what is left unsaid is that all messages and images go into, and are permanently stored on, Snapchat’s  internal servers.

There are only three ways to keep potentially embarrassing photos offline:

  1. Don’t take the photo in the first place;
  2. Don’t store it on a hackable device;

Middle school girls know this. Internet investigative journomalistic DUMBFUCKS do not.

This is noteworthy because at the time of that post, I was in receipt of a photograph that someone had released onto the internet via email. Of course what anyone who originally received those emails (for he did it more than once) did with them couldn’t have been the sender’s responsibility, any more than a child is responsible for a dog being hit by a truck because he didn’t close the door that the dog escaped through.

Why do I bring this up?

Because there’s a new comment in moderation, and it contains a piece of PII.

AND LET ME MAKE THIS POINT EXPLICITLY CLEAR.  I did not solicit this piece of information. It was sent to me voluntarily.

Now it’s mine. And what happens next, as a DUMBFUCK has many times repeated, IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY.

UPDATE:  Whatever I choose to do with this piece of information, keep in mind that anyone who might be in a position to complain about it would be a complete and utter hypocrite.  For proof, copy this link and remove the hyphen between “addicting” and “info:”



Author: Paul Krendler

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

  1. I love when Fatass states:

    "Never been sued. Never will."


    Wrong again, Monkey Fart.

  2. I’m looking for fact-based articles. While I would expect your ideology to come through in your writing as a Liberal Examiner, I’m not really looking for “opinions”.

    You continue to instigate in your comments, continue to make claims without proof…and yes, we continue to field complaints about the accuracy of your articles. Did we not discuss these things?

    Bet that is what happened last week also.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  3. Holy Moses the man (?) is dim! We're way past "once burned, twice shy" to something on the order of "infinite burns, never shy."
    It truly is mind boggling. He needs to leave his brain to science, so perhaps we can find out why he can't/doesn't learn anything at all from experience.

    1. Maybe he doesn't have one. Just a brain stem that controls autonomous functions. Like pissing himself.


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