14 thoughts on “Who You Gonna Believe?”

  1. If he does not offer proof by 6pm today that he wasn't fired, then he was totally fired.

  2. Now, the real question is...

    Did he get to keep that sweet, sweet station swag?

    I understand the t-shirt had to be custom ordered, after he got wedged in the 4XL they gave him first...

    Them Iowa boys run large, but not that large...

  3. I LOL'D. Such a simple post, but it elicited much laughter. Bravo Undead Guy

  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/FatmanPodcast/status/845281389234868224

    Always with the butt stuff....

    Hey Fatboy... Trump's administration is doing better than your broadcasting career.


    1. If there are two things certain in life, other that "Bill Schmalfeldt got fired," they are:
      1) if the Trump administration is a smoldering shit heap, Bill Schmalfeldt will be on top of it;
      2) if the Trump administration turns to a cascading shit shower, Bill Schmalfeldt will be under it.

      1. Regarding number 2)

        Under it, rolling around in it, and rolling it into small little balls and snorting it.

        Nasty bastard.

  5. Congrats PK!! You've definitely won the Internet today with this post. What's that.............Yes....Lardass Bill Schmalfeldt was fired!!


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