Welcome Back, Bilespewer!

He held it in as long as he could, but ten pounds of shit will always burst a five pound bag.

HOGE WILL NOT GET MY HOME ADDRESS! (No, I won’t link the Cabin Boy Unread post, but here’s an archive link)

Hoge Promulgates Vile, Libelous Theory (No, I won’t link the Cabin Boy Unread post, but here’s an archive link)

I’m not quite convinced.

Do another one, monkey.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Bilespewer!”

  1. while Blob may blather on and on about his ridiculous "reasons" to not inform Mr Hoge of his change of address, the reality of the matter is he is required to BY LAW to notify the court, which he has apparently chosen not to do.

    A decision sure to go down as one of the more stupider ones he has made (and there are SOOOO many that clamor for that title)

  2. IMO the only way WJJH will see bill in court is if bill is walked in wearing bracelets.

    1. I think it's truly safe to assume that, barring serious escalation, no one involved in this entire affair is likely to go to jail.

      However, it is worth noting that by his own admission and choice not to give his proper address to the court, DUMBFUCK has fashioned a prison of his own fear and locked himself inside.

      And I laugh.

      1. Not jail, Court bill will never appear in court without the judge sending the sheriff to get him.

      2. Just being a dumbass can easily get you a night in jail. All you have to do is piss the wrong judge off and next thing you know, you're dining on a delightful mystery meat sammich!

  3. Based on Bill Schmalfeldt's many, many descriptions of Parkinson's Disease, the symptoms thereof, when he experienced said symptoms, and how PD only progresses and never gets better...there is no fucking way in this world that he has Parkinson's Disease. So yes, when he was very determinedly faking PD symptoms in order to obtain an early retirement (and incidentally, get his wife to do all the work of maintaining the household), obviously he was sufficiently convincing to fool at least a couple of doctors. Would they still believe he has PD if they knew he's driving and moving himself around the country and living on his own and caring for a couple pets? Would they also be interested in buying a certain famous bridge to which I have just obtained title?

    1. "I needed (and still need) a walker to perambulate long distances."

      perambulate?? Roll like a dirty snowball is more like it. Yet somehow Bill Schmalfeldt was perfectly able to lift and rearrange furniture at the drop of a hat. Amazing how PD disables walking but enables heavy lifting, like The Blob standing up. You lost 10 pounds Blob? Did you forget to eat your lunch?

  4. This sorry excuse of lard whines about people digging up information about his whereabouts and making his life hell?

    Deal with it you hypocritical puss filled colostomy bag.

    The beer is staying cold till Hoge/ Krendler post confirmation that you're getting twice daily ass-fuckings by Satan himself.


    1. I like the cut of your job, Easein... where can I sign up for your newsletter? LOL!!

  5. "The reason I retired from the NIH is complicated. I was hired to write and record podcasts and to serve as media liaison. That duty required escorting local and national media outlets during their visits to the NIH. I could no longer do that."

    According to his own writings, at the time Bill left the NIH, he was working from home.

    1. "The reason I retired from the NIH is complicated. I am a lazy, no load loser and they finally had enough of my bullshit that I was facing termination (which for government jobs is nearly impossible unless you are such a fucking waste of carbon as I am). So I made up a PD diagnosis and took early retirement... which they gladly approved just to get my flabby worthless ass out the door."


    2. Yes because there was no one else in the entire Federal Govt that could babysit a camera crew as they walked about the building. So Bill is admitting he was no more then a tour guide? And here I thought he had juice! A Rolodex full of world class doctors able to cure anything. Well except what his wife had. Hell, he didn't even TRY get get her seen by his world class doctor buddies according to his own writings.

      1. Hey now, be nice.

        It was kidneyfail and you know dialysis just doesn't work on that shit.

    3. They found something so bad on my work computer that rather than fight being fired, I agreed to retire and they agreed to drop it.


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