7 thoughts on “The Schmalfeldt Diet”

  1. 20lbs?!?

    I think you underestimate the weight coefficient of multiple neckrolls and dick dented craniums.

  2. So you're saying his brains are in his ass? You realize he constantly rolls his leaking brain matter in his fingers and sniffs, right?

  3. There is no way any material part of Willie's ass would fit in that hole. Putting his head through it might permit a deduction in weight of 20 grams at most.

    And SHAME on all you people for even pretending that Krendler would imply something like decapitation. Such an act is frequently deleterious to those subjected to it. Admittedly, in the case of Witless Willie, it might actually be beneficial. But frankly, zombies seldom make helpful suggestions.


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