The Address Is Known

So I’m good.

Anyone else need anything?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “The Address Is Known”

  1. Why the fuck does he take so many pictures of himself. I have never took a picture of myself, I just look in the mirror if I forget what I look like.

  2. I'm not a cyberstalker like you are, fat fuck. But you COULD do the universe a solid and choke on a big bag of dicks at the earliest opportunity.

    Thanks for asking, no neck.

  3. Yeah, You Fat Fuck! A keg of Fat Tire Beer would help me real good in cyberstalking your worthless ass!

  4. I'm laughing at that pic, and Fat Fuck's weak ass attempt at a "thousand yard stare."

    You're intimidating as a weak breeze, Pvt. Pleather. You're not tough. You're not a badass. You're a lazy ass coward that would piss yourself silly if you ever ran into a real badass.

    You're attempt at badass selfies only succeeds in making us all laugh.

    GDIAF, loser.

  5. Ask real nice or what?

    What are you going to do, fatfuck? Post a bunch of new tweets and write some rambling nonsense on a failed blog?

    Dude, seriously, you have no bite anymore. You couldn't scare a fly off a whale's ass!

    You're just a whimpering, lying, smelly, fat fuck loser! There can be no pity for you because you're not worth it! Pity is for people with at least one redeeming quality. You have none.

    By all means, though, tell us what you're gonna do. I'm all ears.

  6. More chins than a Shanghai phone book, and it looks constipated, not bad-ass....

  7. I didn't even realize this was supposed to be intimidating. It looks like he just rose out of his JWR-fueled stupor.

    Take the cure. Live, on air. You might actually be famous for something other than being a waste of oxygen. Yes, that's what you can do for us - DIE ALREADY. (This is not a death threat, as he is not worth anyone killing. Also, no kitten)

  8. Excepting the clean t-shirt, he would not be out of place in the line of street-living bums that line up outside the local missions that feed the homeless...

    And every one of them would be happy to kick his ass, and steal his t-shirt, just for his poor attitude and inability to keep his trap shut.

  9. Just me or are the dick dents deeper?

    Should have tried to get someone better than the third shift surgeon to put his skull bits back in place. My brother had most of his skull reworked and he has less deformation than the electrode CD insertion slots he is supposed to have.

  10. I have never seen a better example of the German word Backpfeifengesicht -- A face in need of a fist. He should go down to the nearest country bar [should be a lot of them in or near Clinton, IA] and look at someone like that. Then we could find out if he really was the lat man standing.


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