My Phone Is Not Ringing

This is the second of three comments today now sitting in moderation directed at Patrick Grady.

He says Grady has his phone number, but unless he got it from DUMBFUCK, I don’t think he does.  I wouldn’t give it to him unless he asked, and I think that’s not fucking likely.

Maybe DUMBFUCK is calling the wrong guy? More likely he’s a fucking coward.  I can say that because he’s never shy about calling other people he’s doxed. But he’s only ever begged Grady to call him. Not once to my knowledge has he ever called Grady himself, the pussy.

I’ll bet Phyllis Mason, Miriam Lazewatsky or Vinnie Virgintino can point DUMBFUCK in the right direction.

Or Chris Heather? Jerry Fletcher? Howard Earl? Owain Penllyn? Kyle Kiernan the Florida Felon?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “My Phone Is Not Ringing”

  1. I guess that dumb bastard wants his ROs to get into the triple didgits by the weekend...

  2. I finally figured out why Bill keeps beating the Patrick Grady is Paul Krendler dead horse.

    Just like the abusive husband who takes his anger out on his wife instead of on the world that pisses him off, Bill's only recourse is to continue harassing the one person whose info he actually has, since he has no clue who Paul Krendler really is.

    Even though Grady hasn't posted here or at Hogewash or anywhere else for that matter in a very very long time.

    One-trick Pony only has one trick.

    However I would strongly suggest to Bill not to contact someone who has already had to put a restraining order on him because they didn't want to be contacted by him.

  3. Why on God's green Earth would anyone ever want to talk to you, DUMBFUCK? It's highly illogical.

  4. It's freakish. Grady got a restraining order because talking to BS was on his list of things he didn't want to do. Ever. So why would BS expect Grady to call? What does BS think will follow, should he call Grady?

    Phone, train.

  5. Gosh, I remember when Bill Schmalfeldt kept calling and announcing it on Twitter saying that he was calling me and boy. My phone sure didn't ring. It wasn't until he discovered my ex husband that he found a number that would work for me. And honestly, that sealed the deal for my RO against him.

    Oopsie Poopsie.

    1. Bill Schmalfeldt claimed that my sister was talking to him...nope never happened Oh and he also claimed I was spilling the beans.....I'm sure you all will be surprised to find that never happened either.

  6. I see that we have reached the "tuff guy" stage of the Schmycle....

    Seeing that I know that a certain Malingering Manatee is skulking about, looking for shit to be butthurt about... let me drop a little knowledge on your fat fucking ass.

    Dude. Really. You scare no one. You intimidate no one. Your threats are toothless and meaningless (like your life). I truly would be more afraid of your cat than you.

    You suck at EVERYTHING you have ever tried to accomplish in your miserable existence. Try to act all intelligent? A zombie who obviously knows more than you gives you the mother of all Internet smackdowns and shows the world what an imbecile you truly are. Try to act tough? Yeah... there are some Zombies who have experienced true hardship, and look on at your internet badass routine with mild amusement. Try and act like you are some sort of legal guru? The fact that your legal track record sucks donkey balls (even with the help of your welfare lawyer and AVVO) should convince you that a legal scholar you are not.

    The absolute ONLY thing you excel at is.... sucking. Dude.... You. SUCK. At. LIFE.

    Totally and completely.

    So keep that in mind when running your suck trying to be all Billy Badass. Because I KNOW the difference between the keyboard kommando, and a chap who has seen combat.... up close and personal.

    To your face, you say?

    I imagine if the afore mentioned chap was actually IN YOUR FACE, and you decided to try and be "the last one standing in the bar," as you have previously stated...

    You would receive the asskicking of your life (in a legal, self defense way).

    So do everyone a favor.... stop trying to be tough. We ALL know you ain't.

  7. "Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast

    Wow! Two days in and I've already raised $25.... "




    Reference previous post...

        1. I'm sure the Prilosec will fix that cancer right up for him. (Autocorrupt wants me to use 'prosecution' instead - I guess that would work too.) It will be a miracle, just like the PD remission. He'll get written up in the NEJM! He'll be famous!

          He just needs to take magnesium supplements so we don't have to hear his whining about arrhythmias.


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