7 thoughts on “Life Comes At You Fast”

  1. Damn, even for Dumbf5ck, going from "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!11!!" to "can you help me find this person's identity" in the space of 3 days, PUBLICLY is pretty damn stupid.

    we really gotta stop saying he can't be that stupid, he seems to think its a challenge.

  2. OHHHHH NOOOOEZZ!!!! PK, Tons-o-guts HAZ YUR PHONE NUMBER!!!!1!1!1

    Lying sack of pig shit.

    To paraphrase Howard:

    Go suck start a shotgun, you worthless fuck.

    1. He doesn't have MY phone number.

      He may have a phone number that once belonged to Grady, but even that may no longer be true.

  3. Geez, Bill, you could at least TRY to keep your story straight.

    OTOH, that would reduce the LULZ harvest, soooooo....NEVER MIND, proceed, please...

  4. Have you ever noticed that, when you call the HZIC, I sometimes answer, then hang up, then, when you call back, Krendler always answers?

    Funny, that...

  5. Reduced to pathetically begging a known Pedophile supporter for info. Wait......why is it that DUMBFUCK always seems to be conversing with known pedos??

  6. BAWHAHAHAHAHA! Asking cowardly troll NicoleBonnet1 to ID someone is hilarious! Let see she thinks I was @DarnFacts, @TradWifey @B0n_B0ns and @RicanWarrior76/! Dang such an epic FAIL!!


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