Is It Just Me?

Or are the Feldtdowns increasing infrequency, intensity and excitement?

It stops. NOW. The harassment. Stops. Or I will make it stop. 

God, I have missed the days of the toothless ultimatum.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Is It Just Me?”

  1. The way he is acting batshit crazy about someone saying that he pretended to have Parkinson's and scammed the taxpayers sound's like on they are on target fire for effect. Must be a raging fire under that smoke.

    Proverbs 28:1

    1. Given the way he "handles" that cigar... I feel fairly certain that Fatass has hugged a LOT of root.

  2. Hey Pvt Pleather, your faildox record is still unblemished... with a successful identification, that is.

    So fellow Zombies, will this Restraining Order put him in double didgits? I lost count...

  3. Hmph!


    That is some piss-poor monkey-dancing, IMNSHO.

    We need to turn the dial to ELEVENTY!!

    And apply MORE COWBELL!!!

    1. "The harassment stops NOW..."

      Legal Department says that's declarative. No timing function and no measurable interval so you can NOT declare a Doom Clock and you're not required to drink a shot. Both Houston and Mission Control concur. Roy, Counsel requests you acknowledge you've been so advised.

      "Are we clear?" That's a interrogatory. I THINK this is a offer that any christian soul (NTTAWWT; unless you're SJW. But I digress- But not for long either: Upward and Onward) would take as a opportunity to re-evaluate their cis-transgressions real or perceived. Check your privilege homies. And you know who you are-

      Come to Gaia.


      Give up the HZIC and all known associates. All we are saying is give Peace a Chance. Do the right thing and roll over on the unjust. You know who you are.

      Shame. Shame. Shame.

      Regarding the interrogatory... In Bill's mind you've been offered fair warning. Should you not recant you'll get what's coming to you and Bill will bask in the warm satisfaction of knowing he 'told you so.' Fair warning and all that. And- Best of all: Bill gets to say "I told you so." And he will. And this is good. Because it feels good.


      It would if it happened. Or happens. Which it won't. Least, not likely- But probability being what it is you never can tell and that's what Bill hangs his hat on. I'll get you my pretties. Someday. Soon. The strawberries...

      And that's what the bluster is always about. BS is talking to himself. In the windmills of his mind this is all good stuff. Understated threats, in the very best Dirty Harry tradition, are bon mots that keep on giving. The saga continues. Cleverness is its own reward and will be someday acknowledged.

      But not this day.

      And for the life of me I would NOT have called Hoge out on his settlement offer. And not publicly. Damn. Just, damn... El Kimbo is, and has been, fixed in the sights but Bill Schmalfeldt was always a sideshow. But not any more.

      The stupidity it burns.

  4. Hey Fatfuck... how much of that 15 large you raised so far?!?

    25 bucks!?!!


    I raised $2000 in 14 days. But it was to help a poor lady fix her dilapidated car.... not pay for an uneeded trip for myself, and buy myself a new computer and camera.

    Funny how much better life is when you do things for others.

    Something I am positive you will never know.


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