4 thoughts on “I Heard…”

  1. Bill sure is jealous of Lee. Bill finally got a mercy hire at a small radio station while Lee is in the White House asking questions during nationally televised press briefings. Bill was, on information and belief, unceremoniously dumped from his teeny station while Lee is pursuing loftier goals.

    I'm not sure how Bill thinks he comes out ahead on this one or that he has any room to criticize anyone else's career. Maybe Bill can point us to the timeline of his "40" years in journalism? Or is it really more like 40 months? Maybe he can point us to a journalism job he held longer then 24 months? Maybe he can list out all the journalism jobs he WASN'T asked to leave?

  2. My God! The stupid is strong in Bill, just when you think Bill Schmalfeldt has reached maximum stupid he proves you wrong.

    1. I've concluded that whenever Unca Biwwy reaches the current bottom of his Pit of Stupid, he just goes out to find some dynamite or tovex so he can make the pit even deeper.


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