Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Congratulations on evading your much-deserved fate for one more day. God is too patient sometimes.

Gosh…I wonder what caused all those hundreds of thousands of Midwest tornadoes in the thousands of years before before #climate was ever a thing.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Most of us hope he lives long enough to realize who and what he is.

    That's far more sadistic than wishing for his death.

    1. He could live as long as the sun has burned in the sky and still not come to realize what a worthless fuck he is.

  2. He said "followers" as in plural.
    What a joke!!!!

    And did you notice that he is "hoping" his "followers" are happy he is not dead, Too bad the 1 follower is not happy at all!!!!!

    1. DUMBFUCK Broadway Bill at Mac 94.7 FM in Clinton, IA sees ALL his "followers" when he looks in the mirror... 😛

      1. Do you know how much weight he would have to lose for this to happen?

  3. Has their ever been a tornado that could lift him? Or that had winds strong enough to pierce his flesh?

    1. See I was thinking that if a tornado warning ever came at the KMCN broadcast complex, he'd go to one corner of the building, his boss would go to another, Sidekick would go to corner 3, and everyone else in the building would go to corner 4, and the building would be sufficiently anchored to withstand even an F5.

    1. Apparently not? It seems that as the NOAA, et. al. adjust their datasets to show more and more warming [and the satellite data shows little to none], tornadoes have seriously declined from the good ol' days when Buxom Billie was small enough for less than a F5 to lift him.

      Seriously. There are drastically fewer tornadoes [and hurricanes] now than before we started pretending 'global warming' [of course the climate is warming, very damned slowly. we're in an interglacial; it's going to keep getting warmer until it gets very damned cold indeed] was some sort of catastrophe and stopped calling warm periods "optima." As in optimal. As in the flourishing of life and good fortune that comes with a climate warm enough to have the long growing seasons that allowed medieval Europe to not only not starve [as much] but have many people live in enough comfort to develop actual science, music, art, etc. Just as they did in the earlier Roman warm period.

  4. Good to see he's as delusional as ever. "followers" indeed. We need some relatively permanent things in our life, His delusions are about as reliable as anything there is.

  5. Aren't tornadoes attracted to mobile home parks? Some sort of magnetic phizzics thing, I think. Lest, that's what I heard.


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