A Sequence of Events

“It was right about the time the program director told me I was fired…

…that I decided I didn’t want to work there anyway.”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

24 thoughts on “A Sequence of Events”

  1. Gosh. Who would have predicted this turn of events. It's almost as if things proceeded as they had been foreseen...

  2. Apparently what Mr. Fakinsons hasn't figured out after 40 years as a radio "professional" (LMMFAO!!!!!!!!) Is that the 2.5% that he is so bit by about pays for the other 97.5% of the time or not depending on what advertisers think.

    Btw- bonus points to all lickspittles who saw his rebranding as a sign of this coming to pass. Then again its not like you needed the psybic friends network to predict this.

    1. The real problem with his analysis is that, because he is so utterly stupid, he counted the entirety of the show, rather than the entirety of the time he was mouth-farting into the mike. Even going by his probably too-generous-to-himself numbers [who believes his 'jokes' were all politically neutral?], 25% of what he spewed onto the airwaves was his brain-dead lefty bullshit. In Trump country.

      1. "Politically neutral?"

        How about "who believes his 'jokes' were even minimally funny?"

  3. What Bill failed to understand is that Clinton Iowa voted for Trump and is majority conservative. If he was spewing his usual "I want to pee on kids" or his 'satire' of "I want to anally rap Cub Scouts" or even just a minimal "Trump Sucks" routine he was pissing of the MAJORITY of his listeners.

    But then again, he is the World's Stupidest Man™

  4. Maybe he got his boss to write him a bad review and blame it on his Parkinson's so he can now get benefits from the State of Iowa.

    Or maybe a listener called in and said they had enough of Bill reading Cub Scout Follies...

    Or MAYBE, he got caught picking his brains out of his ass with the blinds up...

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! Serves you right, you fat fucking loser!!!

    -Raises a toast to karma kicking a stolen valor douchenozzle right in the balz-

  6. Bill got fired from ANOTHER job? He's been fired from more jobs than I've had in 40 years of working. And I never went on fraudulent disability once. Without a paycheck, how is he gonna afford to feed that dog and cat?

    1. Pets.... Schmetz....

      He'll abandon them, just like the ones before.

      Cause that's how Fatboy rolls in the Shire, Samwise.

        1. Tears for Fears opened for PetzSchmetz in 90.... but it was at a small bar/putt putt golf course in Alabama.

          Sad panda. 🙁

  7. Throw another job on the fire,
    Cook me up some bacon and some beans...

    Say "hi!" to the station manager for me, will ya, Cuz?

    As soon as he found out my last name was the same as yours, he was all ears! My paying for lunch didn't seem to hurt, either, nor did the limo ride...

    1. Cuz was right about one thing, though...

      Iowans do require PROOF.

      The 40 pound box of documents about Cuz, his lifestyle, his background, and his lies was quite telling.

      The Stolen Valor documentation played particularly well. Iowans are also patriotic, it seems.

  8. Cousin, you need to find another job.

    I've got another 40 pounds of documents for your next boss. Also, a lovely DVD with your name, and one of your selfies as the graphic.

    I'm not done with you, yet.

    Not by half, rapist.


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