Self Awareness Fail #18,349,622

I wonder why the cowardly, shitrolling DUMBFUCK says “turd-sniffer” like it’s something that he’s never done.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Self Awareness Fail #18,349,622”

    1. Maybe he secretly likes to be dominated by other men either physically, morally, or intelligence wise..

      Maybe he's looking for 50 Shades of Schmalfeldt?

      I denounce myself.

      1. Given that you'd have to get to someone like PeeWee Herman before you found a man who doesn't dominate him physically, morally, or intelligence-wise by default, it seems like Bill could have easily found someone else to do that for/with him. His fascination with WJJ Hoge and Paul Krendler is creepier - much like someone who writes those explicit fan-fiction stories about famous women.

        1. Ever seen the movie version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? Don't count Paul Reubens out... anyone who can spend ten, fifteen minutes hanging on after getting a wooden stake through the heart is tough.

  1. I was checking out the cane. Having needed a cane for many years, I'm reasonably familiar many kinds of them. If you need one it's very important that it not only fit your height but that it comfortably fits your hand when needed for support. That appears to be a brass-knobbed hame-handled walking stick made for show, not needed support. It probably retailed for around $100. Just one more expensive doo-dad for The Pauper of Clinton.


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