19 thoughts on “This Seems To Have More Truthiness”

    1. Why would Shakes want a judge to have him disemboweled with a wooden spoon? Seems like that would hurt. Or may be not?

      A wooden spoon wouldn't hurt and that's why he wants it?

      The American judicial system doesn't disembowel people anyway- Or is this another Maryland-thing? Asking for a friend. I have many so a certain somebody should NOT put any effort into research which would lead to a doxxing. Because it won't.

      Is disembowling with wooden spoons something TRUMP! (pbuh) is going to implement? Do we need legislation for that or can it be done by executive order? This is what I get for not keeping up with Salon, Huffington Post and MSNBC.

      And... Yo Dave!!! I like the picture of the robot wearing the read dress; look closely my friends. Might get one for my wife. Does it come with headphones or are they extra?

  1. Oh the judge will (figuratively) disembowel you with a wooden spoon, but it won't be for trying the case on twitter. It will be for years of being subhuman filth, stealing money that could have gone to people who were REALLY sick with REAL progressive degenerative disorders, and trying to convince the legal system that butthurt is a tort.

    And when the judge is done disemboweling you, I hope to end the pain its not tylenol but a bullet.

  2. "Disemboweled with a wooden spoon"

    Only if the wooden spoon is majorly splintered, and if the spoon is inserted sideways.

      1. With Sir Shit Stain, you must never assume anything, especially logical thinking.

        Unless you are assuming a DUMBFUCK move, then that is a given, and you can bank on that.

  3. Someone MUST tweetsave this. I have a feeling that just like his tweet where he said something like "Yes I'm going to go into court and shoot myself in the foot" this tweet will become strangely prophetic.

  4. http://freebeacon.com/issues/jesse-jackson-jr-collects-138k-annually-govt-convicted-illegally-spending-campaign-cash/

    bill is so envious.


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