The Question of the Day?



Second row, third from left.

It’s abundantly clear from the visual evidence that sometime while this man was in the Navy something happened to him that caused him to turn to pizza, ice cream and alcohol for comfort, love and companionship.

The question is what happened?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “The Question of the Day?”

  1. WOW! The spooge of a Japanese Tranny Hooker sure must of had a lot of calories in it!

    Probably was a lot on repeat ingestion too.

  2. Who cares what happened...

    "Defense Information School"??? with his level of intelligence?!?!?! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA

    And I have a beer that when the photo was taken he told the person recording names "they call me doc" as everyone else rolls their eyes (especially the one on the right who has the "F&CK!! I have to stand next to HIM"

    damnit I sprained a lulz muscle!

  3. "Doc" ? More like "Cocksucker" but back then they couldn't print that for the public. Judging by the look of some in the photo, he wasn't the only Dicksucker in the Navy.

  4. Six meals of shit-on a-shingle every day, and you can look like a bloated corpse in no time, too!

    Ma Schmalfeldt was an indifferent cook, and Navy food is plentiful, and, when landlocked, of middling quality.

  5. I have no doubt that wasn't a single midrats (midnight rations for you non-Navy types) that that bloated turd passed up.

    I also have no doubt that the Blobbosaurus Non Erectus was a Mando Commando (mandatory PT because he was a fucking fatass turd).

    You were a disgrace to that uniform, Chubs. Still are, being a stolen valor asshat and all...

  6. Ol' Chubs had a nickname while aboard ship...he was called BALLAST.

    He had to work and sleep down in the bilges, because if he went any higher than the 01 deck, the ship would roll over on its side.

    (if you need any help figuring out my nautical terms, ask LordDewClaw)

  7. Teh Blab would have made a good Mail Buoy, anchor him out in the middle of the Indian Ocean so submarines can pick up their mail.

    Nice fat midsection so he bobs nicely and a shiny dome so he can be seen from a periscope.

    The only nickname in the caption, he must have been a real tool about having been a corpsman.

    1. "Mail Buoy"

      When I was aboard ship in Alaska, we actually made one and suckered a few boots into standing Mail Buoy watch to lookout for it. They found it, we retrieved it, and the only letter in the mail bag was a piece of paper saying Dumb Fuck.


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