Self Awareness Fail #12,826,412

Of course, from Elkridge to St. Francis to Clinton, the self-pity of the guy who needed pity so badly he faked fucking Parkinson’s disease for 16+ years flows like fear pee.

Hot, wet and stinky. 

Like a certain truck stop dolly.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “Self Awareness Fail #12,826,412”

  1. I didn't inflict torment because his wife died, I inflicted torment because he is a douchebag asshole and he inflicted torment to innocent people and CHILDREN waaaaaay before his wife died.

    As I have stated before, he is shit stain on the carpet of humanity.

    Thus his new nom de plume is SHIT STAIN.

    1. He also doesn't get, or "forgets", how his behavior during that time was so mockworthy.

      "My wife is dying! Pity MEEEEEeeeeeee! Hey! You guys aren't pitying ME right!"

  2. "Hey, my wife is dying! Hey, I just took a break from being ridiculed on the Internet, and noticed she's dead. Wanna see a picture?

    That self-pitying DUMBFUCK?


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