Documented AND Prosecuted?


Look to the right…one hundred twenty one days and counting.

There’s a real FEAR FACTOR behind the empty threats of the child stalker Bill Schmalfeldt.

Any fear you have, multiply by the Schmalfeldt Fear Factor of ZERO. 

That’s how scared to be of the fever dreams of Broadway Bill the Shit Sniffer.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Documented AND Prosecuted?”

  1. Don't forget kidpisser - not only has he not denied that, he proudly admitted to it today!

  2. Fellow zombies:

    Stop wasting your time with Chris and focus your efforts on the person (who doesn't live in "his town") and can MAKE Chris do the right thing.

  3. In my opinion, people should leave the radio station alone. If they are stupid enough to hire Sir Shit Stain knowing his background, then they deserve him. And if they don't, let them find out themselves.

    If Sir Shit Stain is fired, he will blame everything on the Zombies, and not on his own incompetence and perversions.

    But you know, there is nothing he can do if someone took out a newspaper ad informing the people of Clinton, IA about what kind of person their radio station has talking to them on their drive home.

  4. This made me LOL, the last thing Bill wants is for the radio station's management/lawyer to investigate the claims/complaints of people who call the station.

      1. Probably. But Shakes will be looking for another wife so the female whores are in peril. He's Hell-bent on staying in the closet. He doesn't realize how obvious his true nature is to others.

  5. LOL
    Hat: "It's a Schmalfeldt Thing (You Wouldn't Understand)"

    Well, no. I can't say I understand cub-scout fantasizing pedophiles like Broadway Bill at Mac 94.7 FM in Clinton, IA
    Dear Clinton, IA: Google Bill Schmafeldt

    What other "Schmalfeldt Things" don't we understand?


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