28 thoughts on “Caption Contest”

  1. 1. Receding chin line
    2. The skull dents are from Vietnam Lebanon Japan ground breaking surgery dangerous GS-13 step 6 work falling over while petting my dog
    3. What’s happening to my right ear?
    4. I look just like my father mother MOTHRA
    5. I can’t wait to roll this turd when I’m done

  2. - "I am sorry to tell you Mr. Smith, but your hemorrhoid has developed eyes"

    - Rancher Bob had to take his bull to the Vet, because it's ball sack kept mean mugging him and freaking him out!

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Except this one. This one is worth only 5. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???

    BTW, he looks like King Kong Bundy's retarded cousin. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/2a/ac/17/2aac1704853fb29f116237a0ebeeb123.jpg

  4. - In today's News: Scientists claim to have discovered the origin of the Gonorrhea Virus (see enclosed picture) in a dried out, but preserved Baboon ball sack.found in the Sahara Desert.

    - Webster Dictionary announce that they have added a picture next to the new word "Butthurt"

  5. "Why did I mail horseshit to myself again? Damn you, executive functioning! Damn you all to HELL!"

  6. I know people like to say those are dick dents, but they are really weak spots in the skull collapsing into the vacuum within.

  7. No self-respecting Sontaran, female or male, would go near that thing. Too unattractive for them, far too much the coward, and has much worse people skills.

  8. "Bring out the Gimp."

    "Gimp's sleepin'."

    "Well I guess you best go wake him up then."


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