Berkeley: Peaceful Protest or Fascist Violence?

Boy, the Fabulously Jewish Nazi Ben Shapiro and the Fabulously Gay Nazi Milo Yiannopoulos sure are causing a lot of ruckus these days, huh?

The really interesting parallel that everyone seems to want to ignore lately is this:

“It’s the___(fill in the blank)__!”

There’s always got to be something in that blank.  And today, what matters is not what the people smashing windows and setting fires are doing (smashing windows and setting fires), it’s what you put in the (fill in the blank).


In the 1930s, Hitler, Goebbels and the Nazi party worked really, really hard to propagandize a weary German populace who wanted a scapegoat on whom they could blame their problems.

First they put Socialists in the blank.

Then they put the Trade Unionists in the blank.

Then they put the Jews in the blank.

And the Nazis were able to justify and rationalize all sorts of atrocities, because after all, they were just Socialists. And Trade Unionists. And Jews. And Gypsies. And Homosexuals.

Today…there’s one well-spoken, fabulous British homosexual in the blank.

Today…there’s one well-spoken fabulous conservative Jew in the blank.

Today…there’s Nazis in that blank.

White supremacists getting sucker-punched.

Female journalists who work for the “wrong” media outlets, too.

Gun owners.

Plumbers who might possibly have voted for Trump but I’m too scared to ask them.

Girls in red hats getting pepper sprayed.

Girls getting their hair set on fire.

People who get their hands dirty for a living.

People who choose not to condemn the President, which was treason up until just two short weeks ago. I believe Matthew McConaughey is the latest to come under the long knives of the tolerant, LoveTrumpsHate crowd.

You see, when it comes to fascism, it doesn’t matter what or whom they choose to fill in the blank.

It’s the ones filling the blanks, lighting the fires and throwing the bricks who bear watching.  Because they have ALWAYS been the ones at the root of all the trouble.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

4 thoughts on “Berkeley: Peaceful Protest or Fascist Violence?”

  1. Weird how the Fascists want to fight "Fascism" with Fascist tactics.

    I don't think the word "hypocrite" is in their lexicon.


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