A Humble Prediction

Hey, remember when I said that if DUMBFUCK could just shut his cockwallet for two weeks straight, I would take this site down? And the fat fucking pussy never could manage it?

Much like then, I predict that his offer will garner a similar response:

That ship has sailed.

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “A Humble Prediction”

  1. Too little, too late, I suspect. Bill showed how trustworthy he is when he ignored the terms of the last settlement. Karma's a bitch, Bill; might want to figure out your plan B. And set aside some gas money for a trip to MD.

  2. Bill should acted in good faith when Mr Hoge sent him a settlement offer earlier. Besides if the rely was sent to the last known address of record then tough kitty.

  3. Does this mean that DUMBF5CK Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt at Mac 94.7 FM in Clinton, Iowa might soon need to, um, flee yet another jurisdiction?

    1. Good grief. That Facebook header pic... now he doesn't even have to open his piehole for folks to know he's mentally challenged.

  4. really?
    Maybe if Bill hadn't blown off and immediately violated their last agreement Mr Hoge would be more inclined to negotiate.
    However since doing that is what caused Bill to be sued for in this latest case, I can see no logical reason why Mr Hoge would attempt another settlement agreement with someone who has proven to not be bound by what he has agreed to and signed off on in a court document.

    On a further note, when Mr Hoge sent him a settlement offer last year, I'm pretty sure it said something along the lines of "this is the only offer I'm going to make or be willing to accept". Maybe FailWhale Willy should've believed him.

    Murum aries attigit Indeed.


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