You Know You Can’t Archive Posts From DUMBFUCK’S New Blog

So archive this instead!

There’s a teeny-tiny, hard to read paragraph in the middle there, that really doesn’t add much to the post, but if you’re dying to know what it says…

Money Damages.  This is the most common remedy sought in breach-of-contract actions.  Money damages may be awarded for losses that were proximately caused by the defendant’s breach, that were reasonably foreseeable, and that are proven with reasonable certainty. Reasonable foreseeable means that the damages are those that would arise naturally out of the breach of the contract.  Moreover, a plaintiff can recover damages that are reasonably supposed to have been in the mind of both parties at the time that the contract was formed.

Let it never be said that I am incomplete or inaccurate when reproducing DUMBFUCKERY for the purpose of commentary under the Fair Use provisions of United States Copyright Law. (Sound familiar?)

But do let it be said that I have not republished the blog post. If a DUMBFUCK believes he can split a hair so finely as to argue that a contract he signed isn’t a contract, then I can say that what I published is a JPEG file image of a blog post, which by definition is a JPEG file, not a blog post.

So, DUMBFUCK, go fuck yourself.  In the kidneys. With a jackhammer.

^^^^^^^^^^That’s commentary right there.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “You Know You Can’t Archive Posts From DUMBFUCK’S New Blog”

  1. Interesting. The FatFuck wanted Sir John to tell him what he wanted to settle the lawsuit, and when Sir John answers with reasonable requests, the FatFuck gets all ButtHurt and goes ballistic on his ButtHurt Blog for his 1 or 2 followers.

    I say Sir John has been too nice to the FatFuck and from now on when he asks for something, just give him a dried corncobb up the ass, that is the only reasonable thing he deserves.

    1. Apparently, Blob decided it was time to have a pretty woman on his blog. It's a major upgrade.

      1. As his IQ rises and his body temperature drops to 72, I think we'll all get our wish!

  2. Shhh. don't tell him but I accidentally visited his LinkedIn page in my IRL persona before I realize that my slip was showing rhetorically speaking.
    It's okay though, it's Dumbfuck. He'll never figure it out.

  3. None of us should underestimate the sheer joy Shakey got while pounding out his reply to WJJH.

    The Righteousness. The Bombast. The Steely Resolve (Krendler, you do NOT have permission to use that for a band name. Not without cutting me in-). The pure Analytical Sharpestry Bill used in his wascally written riposte...

    The very heavens shook in the face of Schmalfeldts' righteous indignation. As well they should (have-).

    Clarence Darrow couldn't have done better. Lt. Caffey couldn't have done better. Perry Mason on his best day couldn't have thundered more effectively.

    Nay- Dare I say it? Of course I will: All the Liberal Supreme Court Justices felt a disturbance in The Force. They all smiled approvingly.

    So. JOB WELL DONE, BILL SCHMALFELDT! Hoggy has been duly served notice and, Shirely, knows he needs to re-evaluate his life. Well done, sir. Very well done.

    You've upheld your personal honor and struck a blow for the forces of Progessiveness. A able blow. A JUST blow!!!

    Bill must be happier than a pack of cub scouts on a day hike. Not saying anything about the evening hours, but... You know. And you also know who will be happy come time to sit around the campfire while roasting marshmallows and sipping Johnny Walker Red from a canteen. The evening calm. The stars. The loons. Can you hear the loons? A soft wind blows. The wind calls 'Mariah'. I don't know why. It just does.

    Even now The National Union for Pro Se Litigants is demanding John Hoge stand in judgement before the High Council for the sheer effrontery he's displayed in dealing with Brother Bill. Brett loves the robes the guys wear. Extra-long to cover his platform tennis shoes. You know, like the ones teenage girls wear. And he's pretty high up so, as you might expect, the fix is in.

    But know this my little Trumpkins- And also those of you who aren't-

    WJJH ain't fooling around. I'm kinda' stunned at the implications of what Shakes has published.

    I've done a lot of stupid things in my life but I ain't never stepped on my crank like Bill did in this post.

    Schmalfeldt is going to get everything he so richly deserves. He asked for it. He sought it. Gonna' get it.


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