Well, This Is Interesting

So has anyone confirmed that DUMBFUCK has actually relocated?

I only ask because every few days, this happens:

Regular visits to this blog by Milwaukee County’s Sheriff’s Department?  Someone there must think it’s worth visiting even if there is no longer a whining, sand-filled PUSSY UNDER THE PORCH in their jurisdiction calling every day because he’s such a sensitive soul that he can’t take a little of what he’s dished out for years.

  • Play his game
  • By his rules
  • Kick his ass
  • Repeat tomorrow

But if, as he says, he’s relocated (either he has or he’s a liar, but everyone already knows he’s a liar, so maybe it’s BOTH), then why would Milwaukee sheriffs still be looking in?

Could it be they figured out what we have all known for so long? Do they know his only social value is as a source of LULZ and a target for PLM?

Just one zombie’s humble opinion, but it seems a reasonable explanation to me.

If any of YOU zombies have other thoughts, let me know.  ESPECIALLY if you wear a Milwaukee County badge and can shed some truth on the matter!

Welcome in!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Well, This Is Interesting”

  1. I'm sure he got his welfare apartment by telling them how he was a poor disabled widower who needed a new scooty puff (It's red, vroom, VROOM!) to get around, couldn't drive, couldn't work, etc.(You all know his standard litany of lies by now).

    Now he's gotten himself a drivers license, a car, a job (if he can be believed) and possibly moved which would have broken his lease.

    My guess is they are either looking for him because the lovely and talented Ms. Cindy wants her rent or because he lied to get into the apt in the first place. OR (or maybe AND) they are laughing their ass off at him as much as we are and this is THE place for lulz.


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