The Karma Train Rolls On

…and if you pay attention, you notice.

The Democrats on Impeachment.  CNN on being marginalized by Trump.

I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – to find gambling going on in this establishment!

Exit question:  would it have been better or worse for CNN had Trump, instead of engaging, allowed Acosta to badger on unrestrained until he ran out of piss and then just turn to someone else for the next question without the dignity of a response?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “The Karma Train Rolls On”

  1. Bravo Neil Cavuto!

    in response to your exit question, no it wouldn't have. See these snowflakes are retards and can not fathom subtlety.

  2. I am totally with Trump and this, the Liberal MSM, especially the Clinton News Network has gotten away with their Fake News for too long, and Trump called them out on it.

    I say hammer the pricks until they get it right.

  3. For years, MSM "journalists" have lied to themselves, wanting to believe they have some sort of sacred mission that sets them above such plebeian concerns as turning a profit for their employer.

    Trump deligitimizing CNN as "fake news" is therefore a double whammy. Not only does he denigrate the self important "journalist" egos, he also threatens their employers' revenue stream.


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