Shocked Face

Now, everyone here knows that Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t really violate John Hoge’s copyright when he stole posts from Hogewash! and re-posted them at Billy Boy Unread (except we all know he really did steal them, violate John’s copyright, and continue to violate the Settlement Agreement which Schmalfeldt says isn’t even really a contract, and he’s been right about everything else so far, so why not go with it?)

But what’s really not surprising is that when he was called on it via a DMCA takedown, he reverted to form, hiked his skirts up around his wide, wide waist, and nutshuffled up into the hills of Iceland to soothe his sand-filled vagina with a campfire, a gross of footlong weenies, a five gallon jug of mayonnaise, and sweet memories of wrassling with the Bobber.

(He has often said that such rhetoric doesn’t faze him at all, but he has also often filed lawsuits over it, so how can I be sure? I guess I’ll just assume that it doesn’t bother him and that he doesn’t mind.)

And by the way, waddling offshore does not protect him from his continued serial violations of that settlement agreement.  He’s already subject to Maryland jurisdiction, and it doesn’t matter where he goes to try to escape.

Go fuck yourself, Dick-Dents.  Should be easy after all the experience you’ve picked up in the past. 

Exit question: why has The Return of the Liberal Grouch suddenly gone fallow after that initial burst of activity?  You’d think with Team Breitbart at the helm of the ship of state, Team Kimberlin would be in a state of high dudgeon, but they seem to have lost FOCUS!!!! on the mission.

How queer.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie