I Predict

Remember in 2001 when newly minted ex-President Bill Clinton made a long-winded farewell address from Andrews AFB in a petty attempt to upstage the inauguration of his successor?


that soon-to-be-former President Obama will do the same thing.  But not from Andrews.  He’ll be somewhere else, like perhaps on the front steps of his new Washington home. Some will say he can’t help himself.  I say it’s been planned since Trump won in November.

Having already made his farewell address in Chicago on Tuesday, he won’t have anything new or interesting to say; but simply by opening his mouth, the media will use that to suck some oxygen away from the Capitol steps next Friday.

You heard it here first.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “I Predict”

  1. Ordinarily, I'd agree, but it seems far more likely that PEEOTUS will step on his own inaugural with a demented tweetstorm in the early morning hours of his special day. He lacks the discipline to do otherwise,

    Why does that remind me of someone?

    1. I can't disagree with this. Trump could very well do such a thing. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

      But that does nothing to argue against my prediction.

      1. Sure it does. Trump's Twitter Tantrums have made most people forget that Obama even exists.

        1. Obama doesn't like sharing the limelight.

          And if the economy returns to 3% growth, there will be no more room under any light.

    2. You're not really naive enough to think Trump is personally sending those tweets, are you? He has appointed a guy to manage his administration's use of social media -- odds are the guy did the same for the campaign.

      Trump is not an undisciplined, fly-off-the-handle type, even if his manufactured image is.

  2. White guilt only counts when the public at large can see how "not racist" you are by voting for someone simply because they are black (irony alert!).

    In the privacy of our own homes, however, we all know that like the kardashians and bruce jenner his 15 minutes of fame clock is at 14:59:59 with that last 59 halfway back to 00.

    Dear Leader Soetoro will only have his most ardent fans giving s shit about what spews out of his cockholster if he makes an announcement during Trump's swearing in ceremony and will only be carried by the butthurt networks whose puss-filled sandy vaginas are aching over the fact that the next in line of their minority heirarchy didn't win the election.


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