Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Now I could be wrong ( it happens…not often, but sometimes) but I think DUMBFUCK is a little upset that ATTENTION IS NOT BEING PAID!


Bet it’s really a big pile of nothing, much like DUMBFUCK himself. I don’t understand why he’s #GoldenShowering himself over the fact that John Hoge has a strategy and that no one else is calling out this longtime, proven, documented, obvious liar for the obvious lie that no one has yet seen.

But let it not be said that I am shy about such things.

Whatever is in that .pdf attachment, besides malware, viruses and pornographic Photoshops, I’m gonna take a leap of faith LOGIC AND REASONABLE ASSUMPTION BASED ON PAST LIES IN COURT PLEADINGS and say that it’s at least 99.44% shy of the expected standard of truth. Because history shows that SJW DUMBFUCKS ALWAYS lie, ALWAYS project, ALWAYS double down.

I predict a request for sanctions, a show cause hearing, or both (EMBRACE THE POWER!) to be filed when most advantageous to the Plaintiff.


I could be wrong (it happens…not often, but sometimes).


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. It's a good thing a DUMBFUCK'S Parkisons got all better and he can drive again.

    I look forward to a motion that essentially says "Never mind all my previous motions that said I was dying and couldn't leave my welfare hovel. I'm working now and can't show up in court. Miracles really DO happen!"

    1. He's been lying from the start. He's never had Parkinson's. I've had family members that have Parkinson's that have done far better than he has and I've watched them robbed of life while he 'miraculously' gets better.

      He can claim he was part of a study, but his participation didn't last long. He's had no long term follow up care. And I am hesitant to believe any documentation produced because he is a documented serial forger. There is nothing this man will not do to make himself out to be some kind of poop martyr. For someone who claimed his opponents were going to make him wealthy, it seems to not have worked out that well - for him or any of his other cool friends. Loss after loss in the courts and now he has to go back to work. I would hazard a guess - his welcome at the convent digs most likely has worn out.

      Good luck at your new job Dumbfuck. If you were smart, you'd keep your head down and your mouth shut.

      1. Shhhh. I want to see the Diminished Capacity Kid submit pleadings regarding the existence of miracles and/or the restorative powers of Johnnie Walker Red.

        Let's see him argue against everything that he's filed in more than a dozen courts over the last four years. It'll be hilarious. I promise.

  2. I wonder if he has communicated with the Social Security Admin. regarding his improved health and that he is no longer disabled? I'm sure he has requested that his monthly SS disability payments be halted and is working with the new Trump administration on a payback schedule. Can anyone estimate the amount of money he owes the Federal government for receiving benefits for which he was not eligible?


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