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Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “DUMBFUCK Must DUMBFUCK”

  1. Why didnt he use his magic rolodex of life saving medical programs to save his wife?

  2. It's easy to understand. We all live in Bill Schmalfeldt's World. We are simply here to serve and amuse Him. And if we don't, we must be punished. Just his mere attention to our misbehavior is something to fear. *smirks*

  3. If Twitter weren't such a crap-filled porta-potty, and if I weren't a Christian man, I'd almost join just to twat Bill;

    "Your wife was a tyranny and we all Know You Loved the DICK! We have sufficiency of circumstantial evidence."
    And if you're not careful, the pedo connection will be made.

    I'd also be tempted to tell DF to suck a slug loaded 12 gauge.

  4. When Bill looks in the mirror do you think he sees the same coward we do when we look at his disgusting visage?

    1. He looks in the mirror every morning and puffs himself up by making himself see a combination of Chuck Norris, Sherlock Holmes & Diogenes. But he can't sustain it. As he trudges through his day he sees other people enjoying companionship. Through paper thin walls he hears neighbors having conversations and laughing and just being part of normal human society.
      All of which is denied him, or rather, all of which he has driven away.

      It is only through the fury of his ranting and ravings that he can overcome the soft insistent voice in his head. His howls of rage and fecal justice and his Johhny Walker are the medication he uses to stifle that quiet voice. A voice that whispers "failure" "fraud" & "phony".

      1. That little voice may whisper in the morning, but by nightfall it is shouting in his ears, and I will bet it is in his mother's voice. That, and the echos of hearing "Don't play with Billy, he isn't nice." at every family event.

        Cousin Ray, am I close?

  5. Oooh. Shakes the great dick slinger. I'm sure that midget thumb he calls a pecker strikes fear into the hearts of truck stop whores everywhere.

    Or maybe it's the chloroform soaked rag.

  6. I'll bet he's got a dumbfucking song that he sings gently to himself when he's out rolly scootering (or nowadays driving) and if you got real close (ugh!) you could hear his little song:
    "Dumbbbfucking, dumbfucking along, I'm just a rollin on dumbfucking along,


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