Dementia Messes With Your Memory

There are far more reasons than just today for a reasonable, objective observer to consider Bill Schmalfeldt a limp-dick, yellow-bellied, black-hearted piece of shit Coward than the fact that he ran like a sissy from a DMCA notice today.

He ran like a sissy from the lawsuit he filed in May of 2014.

He ran like a sissy from a peace order THAT HE FILED in November of the same year.

He ran like a sissy from ANOTHER lie-filled lawsuit in 2015 when David Edgren exposed his fraudulent petition to proceed in forma pauperis.

And he ran like a sissy from Maryland, his beloved puppies and the showplace tincasa to escape the consequences of his fraud and perjury.

But the Karma Train rolls on, and there’s a reckoning down the track. I’m hoping to be trackside when it rolls in.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. yeah he's running away from me three or four or five times. He's a real nowhere man


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