10 thoughts on “Congratulations, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Do you any of the selfies that Bill posts cause him to think:
    1) I could sure lose some weight or 2) It might be time to get a haircut and a shave, or 3) You know the 'hand to the chin pose' doesn't really work for me.

  2. From the comments over at Mr. Hoge's place it seems that BS has been up to something but I have very little idea what it is and no interest in perusing his Twitter feed. An update on current events would be appreciated.

  3. Christ Kredler, post a trigger warning before shoving that horrid used San Francisco bathhouse fuckhole photo in front of us next time! Jason Vorhees' face without the Hockey mask, that has been buried for years is less frightening then that Jabba the Hut sized Jizz collecting mug. Eyeesh

  4. Every time I see that pose I expect a gif where he pokes that finger into his nose up to the third knuckle. I mean, it's not like there's much of any impediment in that skull.

    1. He (Bill) tried, he missed. Porkinsons, you know. He (PK) has only so much material to use in his posts. And a vomit quotient I don't want to try to calibrate.

  5. http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/07/politics/secret-service-director-trump/index.html

    I draw your attention to the section "Threats in the age of Twitter". Somebody is most likely on the Secret Service list.

  6. What I see in this picture (other than Jaba the Hutt in bad FatFuck makeup) is the GB Packer Champions hat.

    This means HE predicts that Green Bay will make it to the Super Bowl.

    And as we all know, he is 0-infinity in his predictions.

    So he jinxed them.

    I predict that GB will lose to the Cowboys, lets see who is correct.


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