Bill Schmalfeldt, Plagiarist

For a long time now, it has been an established truth that Bill Schmalfeldt engages in plagiarism.

Is that defamatory? Not if truth is a defense, as we shall see in a moment.

If I were so inclined, I could track down half a dozen examples, and perhaps more, of Bill Schmalfeldt’s rank perfidy.  But I’m not so inclined.  Instead, I will mention one known example and leave it to the archivists to reproduce if they wish. In addition I am going to provide two more concrete examples to prove that – for the Google bomb –


…not to mention really fucking stupid.

In November 2015, the plagiarist Bill Schmalfeldt self-published an e-book entitled:


He claimed in a review on Amazon not to know who wrote it, but everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) saw through that lie. As often as this DUMBFUCK lies, common sense suggests that he would be better at it.  This is not the case.  His sociopathic narcissism undoes him without fail.

Everyone knew he was the author because he put his own picture on the cover.  Because he is an idiot, he used a picture that left so many telltale clues, it was impossible to conclude that the author could be anyone other than THE PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT.

For example…


All this shows is that BILL SCHMALFELDT IS A LIAR, and that BILL SCHMALFELDT IS AN IDIOT.  I haven’t even gotten to showing that



Before I do that, I just want to mention that there are legal pleadings filed by BILL SCHMALFELDT THE PLAGIARIST on PACER which contain passages cut and pasted from the internet without credit.  Those portions are easy to spot because they sound reasonable and intelligent when divorced from the rest of the pleading, to say nothing of the actual argument that the Dreadful pro se PLAGIARIST SCHMALFELDT is trying to put forth.

So if any Zombies feel like digging those out…that’s what I leave you for homework, after a fashion.  Now to business.

Someone purchased a copy of that e-book and received it in PDF format.  That person graciously sent a copy to me.  That might violate a copyright.

La-di-da, don’t care.

Don’t care SO MUCH, in fact, that here’s a Scribd link to the whole book, which PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT claimed he did not write.

Now if you open that file in a separate tab or window, you could follow along with me.

For the moment, let’s just skate past the fact that the title on the cover is different from the title on the cover page.  That is simply another point to suggest that PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT is the true author of the book.  What other GS-13 genius do we know who is capable of such stupidity?

Where you need to go is page 92 of the PDF. It is here that PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT copypasta’d this original post. He did change one word.  But that ain’t enough.  PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT has said, in defending his own infringement of John Hoge’s copyright, that you can’t copyright a 2-3 line post.

He’s wrong, of course. He’s Bill Schmalfeldt.  But even more, he is BILL SCHMALFELDT THE PLAGIARIST.

Now, poetry…can you copyright a poem?  How about 10 poems?

Yes. Yes you can.

Can you steal 10 poems without giving credit, change a single word of one poem, pass them off as your own and not be labeled as BILL SCHMALFELDT THE DUMBFUCK PLAGIARIST?

No. No you can’t.

And I promised some extra stupidity, didn’t I?

I did.

If you examine page 92 of the PDF very carefully, you will notice my name in a highlighted link. Hover on that.

Go ahead. See what happens.


You get the link to the author page of this blog – in other words, me!

BILL SCHMALFELDT THE PLAGIARIST copied this post – along with a whole bunch of others – and pasted them into his book, leaving MANY hyperlinks intact, to show precisely where he copied from.

Now, you know and I know that PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT is going to (pardon my language) pull a Pee Wee Herman and say


…but not only do we know that


we also know that


And it gets worse.

Scroll down to page 99, to the copy of the post entitled “The Sound of One Hand Clapping.”

Here, PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT copied the entire post, including title, author, categories, tags and the number of comments.  Hover on the number of comments and you get this link:

A DIRECT LINK to the stolen post! Only 8 haiku this time, and he still changed just one word, but in so doing he ruined the haiku by adding an extra syllable to the final line.

I know, I know…


Curiously, though…for a guy who claims he was Paul Krendler, he also left off a link to a site where he’s not allowed to go, IYKWIMAITWD.

I think it’s plain to see that PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT is projecting his own shame onto WJJ Hoge, who is now and always has done a better job of sourcing his content than PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT ever has.

Oh, and another thing.

You may remember (or not…the site has so little traffic, you know) PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT commenting at a – what was that phrase the brave Marcus Badassinus Crassus used before he tucked tail and ran offshore? – “pitiful two bit website full of…extremist stalkers and deviants” that

For a bonus point, join me in predicting the title of PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT’S next post!

Well, what you want to remember is that the two posts I have highlighted above were ENTIRELY ORIGINAL CONTENT.

BILL SCHMALFELDT, WHO IS A PLAGIARIST, A LIAR AND A HYPOCRITE (as well as a morbidly obese fake disabled person, but that’s another post for another day), proves his treachery and deceit all by his own words, his own definitions.

So go fuck yourself, PLAGIARIST BILL SCHMALFELDT.  Such a hardcore you are.  When are you going to come find me, tough guy?  I’ve been waiting ever so long for you to try to dish out the cold, cold revenge you’ve been promising.  You giant, pus-crusted sandbag vagina. 





Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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  1. He later admitted on one of his blogs (probably now defunct, like his pecker) that he wrote plagiarized the book. I'm sure one of the Horde has an archive link.

    1. Oh, but of course I do. Somewhere. Underneath all these kittens... I'll dig it out in about an hour here...

        1. This is officially NOT a pussy joke...

          Lancelot: "Come on, you were in great peril!"

          Galahad: "I don't think I was."

          Lancelot: "Yes you were, you were in terrible peril."

          Galahad: "Look, let me go back in there and face the peril."

          Lancelot: "No, it's too perilous."

          Galahad: "But it's my duty as a knight to solve as much peril as I can."

          Lancelot: "No, we have to find the holy grail."

          Galahad: "Well, let me have just a little bit of peril?"

          Lancelot: "No, it's unhealty."

          Galahad: "I bet you're gay."

          Lancelot: "No I'm not!"

      1. "I have become a kitten...
        Destroyer of worlds."

        -Some Hindu text quoted by Oppenheimer when he invented the thermonuclear kitten bomb-

    2. No he did not plagiarized that book he STOLE it like a common thief.

  2. You know, our esteemed Zombie Overlord makes an excellent point...

    When you repeat and repeat and repeat something, most people get better at it.

    When a fat, neckless, repugnant turd lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies and lies...

    He STILL sucks at it.

    Way to go, dumbfuck.

    1. He actually gets worse at it. It's almost as if when he received his miracle and his PD reversed itself, his lying got worse.

      1. Your statement on Bill "The LYING PLAGIARIST" SchmallBall's lying is getting worse, reminds me of a diminishing spiral.
        And hopefully, like the spiral, he will diminish so small that he appears to be gone!


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