What Are We To Think?

From the marked lack of activity over the last several weeks, one might be tempted to conclude that the Milwaukee Malingerer has folded up his tent.

Yes, he is still visiting from VPNs like the coward he is.

I’m sure he is doing the same at other Team Free Speech sites as well.

But his volume of tweets as Editor-in-Chief of Cabin Boy Unread @fatmanpodcast has dried up like a…well, that’s such an easy joke I’ll leave it for someone else to make.  All he’s doing is promoting his latest listener-free public domain trial period radio station (I guess he got bored with listener-free podcasting…AGAIN) and punching waaaaay up out of his class at Donald Trump, instead of trying to figure out why his proto-Communist Party lost and how to stay out of the wilderness the next four years.

As if his mighty intellect could ever understand that problem – this is a guy who has to be told to put the mop in the bucket instead of emptying the bucket onto the mop.

He also REBRANDED!! @MackCanudo (and deleted a shitload of tweets while he was at it, which he says he NEVER EVER does) just to tweet Godspeed to John Glenn. Interesting he didn’t delete this gem:

Going on two months waiting for cops to make an arrest. I’m starting to think this tweet was (GASP!) a lie.

Such a valiant, brave, indefatigable warrior DUMBFUCK was, he said with great irony. He was as stupid as hell, true, but I never thought until now that there was any “give up” in him.

Oh, what bullshit! Everyone knew he was headed for a cliff eventually, and before going over he would fall apart like a tincasa in a tornado.

Well, he’s all but gone now and good riddance to the worst of bad rubbish.

Whether it’s only because he’s lost the will to finish the fights he started, or because the paymaster has run into financial trouble, it doesn’t much matter.

DUMBFUCK has lost his nerve for hitting those who hit back. That’s a good and great thing, worth celebrating.

And it is worth repeating here as a last word – had he done this long ago, I would have left him alone; by now he’d be just a memory. He never saw fit to take that opportunity when it was active.

His poor luck.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “What Are We To Think?”

  1. Well, you know what they say, eventually and over time, Shit will lose its stink.

    Dasvidonya FatFuck!

  2. Oh come on Krendler, we all know deep down that Faky Shaky McDumbFuckTard will be back. He just has to change the batteries in his TruckStop Whore Tomb Timekeeping Device and JW Red bottles to Boonesfarm bottles

  3. This fading out could well be symptomatic of congestive heart failure, increasing fatigue and lassitude resulting in eventual myocardial infarction.
    Be still my beating heart.
    Be very still his beating heart.

  4. Like the Zombie says, this is what we told him to do, a long time ago. He was too stupid to take well-meaning advice, and kept up his shit long enough, and wronged enough, that it's going to take a lot longer for everyone to get bored with enforcing karma upon his corpulence. So many annoyed people, with long memories, and longer life expectancies.

    1. Also, Hoge's lawsuit. Now that's gonna deliver some awesome karma! 😀

  5. Remember, you can't spell "quitter" without "quite the fucking loser douchebag asshole."

    Well, you can, but it isn't as much fun.

  6. Of course he lied he lies when he claimed I was spilling the beans and he lied when he claimed he was taking to my sister!


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