Got A Mouse In Your Pocket, DUMBFUCK?

By now YOU should be used to the idea that YOU will never, ever be taken seriously again.

It’s common knowledge that you have never kept your reality grounded in fact (more likely…poop).

And just as a matter of curiosity, why are many of my friends telling me that you are a “candidate” for a job at the same federal agency you “apparently” defrauded for a disability retirement in 2009?

I guess $9000 in life insurance doesn’t go as far as you thought, huh?

And the ScootyPuff (it’s red, vroom, VROOM!) ain’t got no resale value, I bet.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Got A Mouse In Your Pocket, DUMBFUCK?”

    1. Further, the Nazi party's percentage of the vote and number of seats actually fell between the elections of 1930 and 1932. Hitler didn't "win" an election, not in the same sense that Bush, Obama or Trump did (just picking the last three presidents).

      But you knew that. Bill? Not so much.

      And I'm at home, using the laptop. And the message on the machine at work had better not be from anyone in Wisconsin.


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