Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

So when he worries about Sarah Palin becoming Secretary of Veterans Affairs, do you think he means the kind of affair he started with the First Date Soulmate before his second marriage ended?

That kind of affair? Extramarital?

Extramarital Veterans Affairs?

Extramarital Stolen Valor Veterans Affairs?

Extramarital Stolen Valor Fraudulent Disability Veterans Affairs?

Extramarital Stolen Valor Fraudulent Disability Malingering Goldbrick Veterans Affairs?

Because Sarah Palin has always struck me as a happily married woman, and DUMBFUCK would have no shot under any circumstance, given his long and well-documented history of self-reported real life and Internet DUMBFUCKERY.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I hope she gets to run the SSA as well. That ever so slightly increments the probability someone will finally pull his folder and spindle, fold, and mutilate him for his depredations.

  2. This just caught my eye on his Twitter page: "Karma is a stone cold bitch, isn't she just?".

    Which sparked this thought all of a sudden "What in hell did he do, that karma has bitch smacked him like this?"

    1. You know he changed to that the moment he heard about Connie, right?

      Purely coinkydink.

  3. Karma has been grudge-fucking that fat ignorant turd his entire life....

    ....with a sideways cactus...


    Of course, given his stated preferences... he could be down with that....

    As long as karma dressed up as a cub scout.

    I hope that syphallitic growth on his face speeds the hell up and eats his ugly, nuggety, beach ball head.




  4. You're a fucking weed, Shakes. You're side lost. I can't wait to see your weeping vagina when the SCOTUS is solidly conservative for the next thirty years.

    Now run along and kill yourself. Gail is hosting a circle jerk in Hell and you really should attend. Stand between JFK Jr. and JFK Sr.


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