36 thoughts on “Finkel IS Einhorn!”

  1. Yep... He is following the Bloated Bill playbook step by step.


  2. The whole Kurt thing is just the Christmas present I've been waiting for. Old William "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt is running scared so this gives another thing to allow me my daily lulz.

    1. Shit between Faky Shaky, Pedophile Kimberlin, and all those Retards on the Left since Election Night, I haven't laughed so much since the Reagan days!

  3. Fuck sake.
    So being a mental deficient has obviously become a prerequisite to being a 'journalist'.
    Or has 'journalist' devolved into 'propagandist'? Or in the case of DF, cartoonist?

  4. If some ass actually, deliberately, tried to cause an epileptic seizure, he's apt to find himself in hot water. But I never heard of this reporter, and I find the whole scenario far-fetched, at best.

    Phone, train.

    1. FYI The Twitter loons who have made me an object of their obsession did the same to me. Funny how Twitter ignored my complained to Twitter numerous times. They ignored me and the flashing GIF remains. So it can trigger a seizure in others.

      I want to know why MY SAFETY isn't as important as a liberal media guy? https://twitter.com/Chooglin1/status/561500855757586432

  5. He's even doxing people now.



    He's gone full Schmalfeldt. You never go full Schmalfeldt.

    1. Somewhere there must exist a happy medium between engaging with @kurteichenwald and "never interrupt your enemy when he is publicly stomping his crank."

  6. Eichenwald is going to be very sorry that he has asked the Court for help in this case. I can see almost NO gain for Eichenwald with this court action, however this could open up several items in his past that could do permanent career damage. The best advice this liberal Newsweek writer could receive is to forget this incident ever happened. Drop the Court inquiry and close the Twitter account and hope this blow over.

    1. Nah, like a dog on a bone Kurt has sunk his teeth into his enemy and won't let go until he gets justice. Bwhahahahaha. Really does sound like old Bill doesn't it? Threatening tweets, loony lawsuits, deleting the threatening tweets, acting like a loon and getting mad when he gets called out on it. Using his disability as both a shield from criticism and a weapon. I think Bill should reach out to Kurt and offer his services as his muse.

      I do find it interesting however that Twitter gladly handed over the information on Jew Goldstein yet when Dana Losch was getting legit death threats on Twitter they made it as difficult as possible for her and law enforcement to get that person's info.

    2. I'm think maybe you're wrong. Unlike Schmally, if this guy actually had a seizure, he has an actual cause of action. If the tweeter, as it seems, deliberately sent a strobing image to Eichenwhatever with the awareness of epilepsy, there's a case there. Distinctly un-schmalfeldtian.

      1. Kurt did tweet before that he had turned off the autoplay on twitter for exactly this reason. That would seem to be a prudent mover for someone that is that very small minority that has seizures caused by flashing lights. (The largest majority if affects is adolescent girls believe it or not.)

        That being the case, he would have had to deliberately click on a picture that had the words "You deserve a seizure for that post" on it and a big "Play" button. What kind of an idiot would do that? And there is the small matter of the video of him playing with his band surrounded by flashing strobe lights. Makes you wonder if he isn't making the whole thing up.

        1. You know, I believe he said it was an autoplay link, so there he may have some part of an action.


          Texas is a contributory negligence state, and...


          Epileptics and alcohol don't mix.

      2. Take a peek what was posted for me https://twitter.com/Chooglin1/status/561500855757586432

  7. I see Bill is begging people on Twitter that if they know Kurt to please pass along the song he wrote for him. It would be hysterical to find out he sent him one of his cub scout rape fantasies instead of the song he intended. Of course Kurt might like it considering he paid thousands of dollars to a male child porn website and became one of it's administrators. You know, for "research", then claimed he couldn't remember doing it because of his epilepsy. Sound like anyone we know?

  8. Sounds like Eichenwald and Schmalfeldt were twins separated at birth...

    If Schmalbalz had any talent whatsoever, he wouldn't have to beg people to listen to his verbal diarrhea.

    You hear that, Fatboy? You suck. You have always sucked. And your lasting legacy after you nutshuffle off this mortal coil...is that you sucked.

  9. Wouldn't be great if this guy turns out to be "jew goldstein".


    1. Twitchy has been all over this - the Tweeting Husband (as opposed to the Harassing Husband) #DeletedHisAccount

      1. Vox Day's post about this could have been written about Bill Schmalfeldt.


        Don't speak Chinese to an English-speaker. Don't speak dialectic to a rhetorical. And SJWs are, by observation, uniformly limited to rhetoric.

  10. I will shamelessly admit that between Fatboy's unhinged tweets and literal begging for relevance, Eichenwald's meltdown, the Punkass punk's Delta Flight video flameout , Deb Frisch getting arrested (again), DailyKos's outrage dejour, and now the Ivanka harrasers obliteration....

    I am loving life SO much at this moment in time...


    1. Even if there is a cause of action Eichenwald melt down is extremely Schmalfeldtian


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