Awww, Someone’s MAAAAAD at Me!

Yeah, somebody’s upset with me.

Where ARE those pearls?  Can someone haul the fainting couch out of storage?

And because he’s upset with me…and because he’s an impotent coward…he’s emailing threats to others.  And eventually, the email threats make their way to me.

Did I mention “impotent coward?”

But, in order to protect these others from the empty threats of an impotent coward, I thought I might re-implement a policy I tried once before.

Password protection.

Henceforth, any post that might possibly make this particular impotent coward look

  • Stupid;
  • Impotent;
  • Cowardly;
  • Drunk;
  • Foolish;
  • Fat;
  • Insane;
  • Incompetent;
  • Untalented;
  • Undateable;
  • Or any other of a thousand things or the many combinations and permutations thereof…(in other words, accurate)

I will put a password on that post.  As before, the password will be standard for all protected posts.

If you want to read that post, you need the password. To get the password, you must fill out the contact form below.

For you idiots and impotent cowards out there (but I repeat myself), if you are using a WordPress account while viewing this post, it is a near certainty that the contact form will AUTO FILL the email address field.  So if you feel like reporting me to WordPress for trying to STEAL YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS again like you did before, please go right ahead you fucking dumbass.

Remember that story from November about the guy who fell into an acidic hot spring in Yellowstone Park and boiled to death?

That guy was a DUMBFUCK; a perfect example of Heinlein’s thoughts on stupidity:

“Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

That DUMBFUCK just walked off the marked path, a stupidity which in that case actually was a crime, and got himself executed.

What I am trying to do is require other DUMBFUCKS with their hearts set on finding butthurt to get all worked up over, to not simply leave a path, but to leave a path, strip naked (figuratively!  Brain bleach is on the left as you exit, free of charge), crawl through ten yards of dense razor wire, wade across a swimming pool full of used hypodermic syringes, roll through a paste of salt, wasabi, mustard, powdered Carolina Reaper pepper and lemon juice, set themselves on fire and THEN dive headfirst into the boiling acid pool…just to get to the butthurt.

So they can claim that they voluntarily went through all that torture to get upset by people insulting them.

So for all that, here’s the contact form.  Fill it out if isn’t already done for you & send it along.  I get the password back to you as soon as I’m damn good and ready.

Unless you’re a known DUMBFUCK.  No soup for you!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

23 thoughts on “Awww, Someone’s MAAAAAD at Me!”

    1. Its not hard to relate...

      If you went through life as a no talent, ugly, fat fucking piece of whale shit with no friends, no family (that wanted to actually spend time with you) with absolutely nothing worth living for...

      Breathing would piss you off, too.

  1. What's the fat man going to do about it? Wave his teeny hands in fury? Threaten people over the Internet some more?

  2. I'm guessing his prospects for getting laid have dropped so much that he is redirecting his energy back to team Free Speech.

    Personally, I think the Parkinson's schtick is to deflect from his massive ED problem. But don't quote me.

    1. There is a difference between ED and having such a small schwanz that you can't TELL when it's working.

      Just a little FYI...

    1. I spotted lots of those people out and about this weekend. FFS, people, you pay MORE attention to the road during the holidays, not LESS!

    1. You know this just might explain who Paul Krendler really is.

      Paul Krendler is Bill but the Bill from a Mirror Mirror universe of Star Trek!?!?!

      1. Anti-Bill - slender, sober, intelligent, wise, comfortably off, fully-employed & hard-working, happily married with children, with a vast network of caring friends, and a neck, but without restraining orders, unpleasant odours, cub-scout fetish, or beard.

        Now there's a thought. How do we put a wormhole over St.Francis? Would we need a size XXXXXL wormhole for that matter? I'd hate to see the old boy stuck half-way.

  3. Ha! Dumbfuck is "officially announcing" his resignation from BU.
    Seems like it was just yesterday he was denying his presence on there, then coming up with and denying stupid cover names to write on there, and now he's officially announcing his resignation. Man do they ever grow up fast.

    It also looks like another free trial has ended for a podcast service and he's discontinuing his fat-dipshit-podcast. If I had a podcast company I'd give him free access forever, just wouldn't dump it to net, its not like anyone would ever notice.

    1. I'm curious to know if he got a Lucite participation trophy on the way out the door...

      1. Why am I picturing the South Park "Phil Collins" episode regarding his "trophies?"



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