And In Other News…

Bill Schmalfeldt, godless commie bastard and piss-poor purveyor of parody to the paroles, is either no longer Editor-in-Chief of Bunny Cabin Boy Unread, or he is no longer promoting the fact that he is Editor-in-Chief of Bunny Cabin Boy Unread.

Now I know Bill Schmalfeldt has never been paid a dime by Brett Kimberlin, because the lying DUMBFUCK has said so many times. But whatever non-profit entity is was paying him, I wonder the likelihood that said organization Just Can’t Make Payroll.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “And In Other News…”

  1. I went there. They have a perfect right to their left-wing vision of today's events. Too bad they seem to want to piggyback on the Breitbart notoriety. Like the Drudge Retort, it is by definition a faint shadow of the original. They ought to rebrand. I know a guy with experience in this area.

  2. Bill "Stolen Valor" Schmalfeldt has been fired from more non-paying jobs then most people have been fired from real paying jobs. Of course he's also been fired from paying jobs at a rate much greater then the general population too.

    But for Schmalfeldt Unread, I do think he still writes for them. Bunny Boy is in hiding and I doubt they could find anyone else stupid enough to want to write for them except for Bill.


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