17 thoughts on “Ya Know, I’ve Heard That, Too”

  1. https://twitter.com/FatManPodcast/status/802027435176902656

    DUMBFUCK, you were busy playing Keyboard Warrior WHILE SGotCU was actually dying. Then you immediately shifted into REBRANDING!!!!, your glorious martyrdom and miraculous resurrection. So, really, you should blow it out your ass.

    1. After she waited on you hand and foot, drove you everywhere, ran your errands and otherwise took care of you, you have shown you needed none of it. You lied. You whined. You neglected her as she lay dying, so you could race to your keyboard and strip her of any possible dignity because it made you feel important.

      You are a cruel, malicious and indecent creature.

      Oh, it's the day after Thanksgiving, so the office is closed, and I'm typing from home.

    2. He was offering complete strangers pictures of her corpse within minutes of her death. If he had a scrap of sense, he'd never show his face in public again.

  2. It's absolutely amazing someone could be so fucking FAT climbing up and down on and off that cross...

  3. "His wife not dead 7 hours yet, and @wjjhoge posts about his continued lawfare as if nothing happened."

    I guess when you are a failure as a GS13 editor and a failure as a blogger you don't know that you can schedule posts to drop days and weeks in advance.

    Bill is stupid therefore he can't conceive of anyone planning things in advance.

    Mr. Hoge is a Quantum Mechanic and not stupid therefore allowing for him to plan things in advance.

    If only DUMBFUCK weren't such a DUMBFUCK he might realize that before posting his vomit on Twitter and having everyone point and laugh at his DUMBFUCKERY.

    1. This. I would have assumed that John had set a full set of the regular daily posts until Sunday or Monday already in the queue ready to drop at their preset times simply because it was a holiday weekend and he would want to spend it with family and friends.

      1. The very concept of planning ahead is foreign to DUMBFUCKS who lack self-awareness and the ability to see past the end of their nose.

  4. Two ways to express affection for a dying or departed wife. One: Find a smiling photograph of your true love. Post it on blog with well-written obituary. The other: Take a death bed photo and spread it around on the internet like mayo on a turkey sandwich.

      1. And after you do, sue someone for leaking it then, when someone else has a tragedy, shift the blame to them. Because that is what a brain dead failure would do because they would be too stupid to remember they accused someone else of already leaking it.


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