The Coward Under the Porch

…felt the need to delete this comment at Cabin Boy Unread:

Bill certainly Lies a lot • just now

So Bill, in the 30 years you were an investigative journalist you used tactics that others found unseemly. You know, like lying to people, threatening an innocent woman with losing her kids if she didn’t give you info, threatening to dox a lesbian over at Daily Kos (that earned you one of your bans there by the way) and you NEVER published someone’s SSN while doxing them? I think you protest too much. I would not put it past you to do exactly that. Now you complain because someone else is using tactics that you find totally acceptable? There is a word for that….hypocrisy.

I think that such questions deserve more sunlight than the lying turdsniffer we call Bill Schmalfeldt is willing to give it.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “The Coward Under the Porch”

  1. Ohhhhh.... but the manly man Bill Schmalfeldt is a brave warrior, facing off against all those wing nuts with TRUTH!!!!


    I tried to post that without laughing... I really did.

    Schmalbalz, you're a no talent fucking toad. FOADIAF.

  2. Wait, you are telling me that the famous investigative journalist is AFRAID to answer a simple straightforward question? Poor frightened little Biwwy. What a pathetic little coward. If he had a hair on his ass, he'd repost that and answer it. But he won't, cause he'd have to admit what a lying turd he is.

  3. I'm sure we can agree that if someone was in possession of someone's social security number, it would at least be stupid and foolish to publish it. It might become a civil liability should a third party use that published information in order to commit identity fraud.

    No way Bill published a SS#. FYI: Krendler may in fact be in possession of Bill's SS#, but I am sure he won't use it illegally. In fact Paul may have uncovered some wrongdoing.

  4. Now, Bill does publish publicly available documents. My front porch picture from Google, just to intimidate. Some financial documents of mine. Street address. Anything he could scrape from Facebook. Social Security numbers? Not that I recall.

    Maybe somebody can drag out that Tweet which threatened lots of disclosures. I forget if he mentioned SS numbers.

  5. Is Bill stupid enough to publish someone else's SSN? Of course he is.
    Did he, I'm sure he has, though I don't recall exactly when. Using Schmallball's classic logic; it's true until he produces evidence that shows he did not.

    So yeas he did publish someone elses' SSN.

    1. The history shows: anything he complains about someone else doing to him, even if it's remotely true, he's also done it, in a more egregious fashion. So I'm betting he's published some target of his' SSN, probably one of his many, many faildoxes. In the Schmalfeldtian tradition of internet journalism, I give him until 7pm CDT, tonight, to deny it. If he doesn't, of course it's true.

  6. Also, I nominate this post for sticky status. I think it's well enough established that Bill is amenable to pissing on children, especially if he doesn't like their parents.

  7. "As a not-now-and-never-was-disabled person who has been taunted/tormented by alt-right idiots for my non-existent disability, I am not surprised in the least."

    if he eve tries to become one with me while he's pre-occupied with porking all of nature, I'm gonna have to put him down like a mad dog.

    1. Blob wouldn't recognize the alt-right if he were rolling their shit into little balls. He's just such a DUMBFUCK.

      1. Dear God, imagine the carnage if he made the mistake of crossing swords with Vox Day...

        Anyone here familiar with the webcomic/manga/anime 'One Punch Man'?

        Yeah, I'm getting that vibe here, with Cabin Boy as the monster of the day about to get turned into monster paste.

        1. Garrontee he hasn't the whiskers to get anywhere near the Dark Lord.
          Wouldn't be much of a show anyway as he would get cut off at the testepedes with no delay or fanfare.


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