10 thoughts on “SJWs (named Schmalfeldt) Always Project”

  1. I hope Jimmy Carter will soon be able to spend time with Fidel. Ted Kennedy will gather them all together in hell and pull a train on you know who...

    Shakes will join them soon.

  2. This one's for you, Schmalbalz... you fucking scabby buttzorch.


  3. You don't even need a large flat surface for that projection. Bill Schmalfeldt did all those things he is implying Hoge did, and the world has proof of the actions of both. I don't know what awaits him in the hereafter, but I know that on earth, Bill Scmalfeldt has been found to be one of the scumiest people alive, and the world will be a better place when he leaves it.

  4. I don't know who "they" mean either, Shakes.

    "I" mean Gail. Pull a train on Gail. In Hell. Where she is for allowing you to abuse her until her death. In Hell. Getting trained. WOO WOOO.

  5. If I may be the voice of reason, no nevermind, why bother.

    Bill is clearly correct, the right answer is to tweet her death rattle while decrying Internet flame wars with "she's fine, I can see her from here. NOW FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!" and Hoge should be ashamed he did not take this route.

    /sarc. And condolences.

    Is this admittedly Bill? I mean, it sure sounds like Bill but did he have the balls and bad taste (but I repeat myself) to admit it or is he cowering behind a pseudonym, as he is wont to criticize?


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