Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Why take it out on someone who isn’t even dishing it out, coward?

But I’ll step up. I will explain to you how continuing to post horrifying photoshops of my late wife helps your harassment target WJJ Hoge III in this difficult time, just as soon as you explain to Susannah Bean how your @DeadAndrew Twitter account and BigDamnation website helped her in 2012.

Deal? Deal.

Until then, die in a fire.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

38 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I see it as a legitimate offer for Schmalfeldt to man up and explain why he thought it was OK to post all the vile things about Andrew Breitbart that would have caused his family incredible pain to see then turn around and whine when it happens to him.

    Unfortunately Bill has proven time and time again that he isn't a man so I don't expect he'll actually respond.

  2. Hey Faky Shaky McDumbfuck, your carbon footprint is really huge, do the world a favor and delete yourself.

  3. Shouldn't he be looking for his next victi.. er.. um. love of his life since the insurance money is certain to run out soon?

      1. And still maintaining the LiberalLad and LiberalBill traps on OurTime

        1. Oh, are they separate? I thought they were the same account!

          What a fuckstick he is.

  4. He should sober up then read the motion he served on Mr. Hoge Saturday morning when apparently drunk.

  5. Eat a dick, shitface. We wanna talk about ZOMBIE GAIL then we'll talk about ZOMBIE GAIL.

  6. Wait. I thought it was established that one cannot defame the dead. And that widows and widowers have no standing to sue on behalf of a deceased (former) spouse.

    Or did I miss a sea change in jurisprudence?

      1. I wondered if that gonorrhea/syphillis/buttshanker that is slowly eating his face may have made him dumberererer...

        Thanks for straightening me out, bro....

  7. Move to Texas bill.

      1. Roy, I live in Texas and I wouldn't be so worried about Fat Fuck moving down here. We have a way of solving our problems, if you know want I mean...Wink... Wink.. Nod.. Nod

  8. If he wants people to stop posting "horrifying photoshops" of his late wife on the internet, maybe he should stop putting horrifying photos of his late wife on the internet.

    1. it would also help to @mention the person actually running this blog, Paul Krendler and not the person he has decided is running it (this week at least).

  9. You'd think Dumbfuck would take note of Fidel's much belated passage and all the laudatory obits from the stupid class, take a hint and engage the early retirement option. We'd certainly give him positive feedback on that one aka "thank God he's finally gone"

  10. this Just In: Fidel Castro is DEAD, and the Bad News is the Fat Fuck in St Francis, WI is still breathing.

  11. So, he either thinks it's possible to defame a clock-urn, or he thinks having Gail thank him for writing what he wrote about her defames him and/or her. Or both. Por que no los dos? Of course, both. He used the plural. A professional journamaliciousist GS-eleventy writer like him wouldn't fuck up basic grammar like that.

    He damn sure would fuck up basic law-talking like that, though. Please, Fakey, do file a defamation suit on behalf of an inanimate object. Please file on the basis that your own words defame you. It's not like anything can ever happen to that disability check, so you can afford to blow $400 on filing fees every other month, as long as you maintain the illusion that you're actually disabled, instead of just fat and lazy and sloppily, enormously, disgustingly fat.

    It's not like you'll need that money for dating. Gail's gone, and women that desperate for attention from anyone as repulsive as you are in very short supply. As you've learned, already.

  12. "It's not like you'll need that money for dating. Gail's gone, and women that desperate for attention from anyone as repulsive as you are in very short supply."

    And the few that do exist are willing to do minimal checking on the internet of potential mates, and he has done a fine job of displaying his true colors online.

    1. Ya know... now that the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has proven via his actions (rearranging furniture, purchasing a car, securing a driver's license, running errands, traveling alone, etc.) that he has been FAKING Parkinson's Disease for all of this time, he might have actually had a (small) chance to secure a new female companion. I would think the majority of women, who are aging and struggling with the challenges of growing older themselves, wouldn't be all that gung-ho to sign up for some dude who is not only aging himself, but has a progressive neurological disorder to boot. So the FACT he DOESN'T have Parkinson's Disease could actually have been a factor in the plus column for him.

      However, there are numerous hurdles the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is never going to be able to overcome:

      (1) He is far too pathetic and chronically lazy to ever do anything about his morbid, morbid obesity;

      (2) He carts around on his shoulders that fugly, dented melon-of-shit sans paper bag;

      (3) He has the worst of all personality traits – a vile racist, a crude misogynist, an off-the-charts inflated ego, and he's a whiny, little bitch on top of it (who according to him, and his previous captive caretaker, also cries like a little bitch at the drop of a hat, too); and,

      (4) He is a demented sociopath who has acquired for himself NINE Restraining Orders courtesy of his abusive and harassing behavior, and the fact he has a complete lack of any self-control.

      The list could go on and on and on.

      The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is going to live out the rest of his miserable existence alone and unloved. He is going to die the very same way... and, it couldn't happen to a more deserving, evil, filthy animal.

      1. Wait. Bill claims that the Fear Pee River was a result of stage Marklar Parkinson's. but, we've established through his miraculous 'recovery' that he never had Parkinson's.

        So the Fear Pee River was actually Fear Pee. And the Depends were because he was too lazy to walk to the toilet.



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