For A Moment I Almost Believed

…that the monkey could learn. But no.

DUMBFUCK had gone quiet. He focused, inasmuch (one word) as he could, on such useless pursuits as throwing Electoral College tantrums and making puddles of musical vomit that no one will ever hear.

And then:

Of course Hoge not LAW! LAW am LAW.

Acually KRENDLER am LAW. But DUMBFUCK surely doesn’t remember being told here that in Maryland, YOU ONLY GET ONE dispositive motion to dismiss, and you have to lay out all your defenses at once. The judge remembered, though, and ruled as anyone not DUMB AS FUCK knew he must.

LAW am LAW, and RULES am RULES. And now DUMBFUCK has violated a judge’s order, because of course he did. He wouldn’t be our DUMBFUCK otherwise.

By the way, do you know what an opposing party must do with properly submitted discovery?

Answer it.

Do you know what an opposing party must do with improperly submitted discovery?

Not a goddamn thing. Except possibly explain why they don’t have to do a goddamn thing.


DUMBFUCK was on to something last spring…he really does need a lawyer. Sadly, the only ones who could actually help him win would have to WANT TO BE DISBARRED.

Also, paid.

Which is a deal breaker for our DUMBFUCK, car-driving, no-longer-too-disabled-to-travel, poopsniffing pauper.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

4 thoughts on “For A Moment I Almost Believed”

  1. What's so hard about finding each other when the time comes,Shakes?

    Plenty of gin joints and truck stops in Wisconsin. Just get to trolling again. A pack of Benson & Hedges and a fin should do it. Worked last time.

  2. Saint Gail is his love... his soulmate that he misses EVERY SINGLE DAY...

    Except when he is trolling online dating sites looking for the next victim to be shanghaied into servitude (i. e. married to his worthless fatass).

    He doesn't miss her all that much on those days....

  3. Krendler, your Bitch almost had me fooled. I thought he finally learned that Twitter is NOT the place to discuss his brilliant legal strategy.


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