10 thoughts on “Everyone Knows What He Did”

  1. I wish @sub_aetha would grow a pair or let his balls drop once in his life and answer the question:

    Was Bill a truly vile disgusting pig of a human being for taking a photograph of his wife on her death bed to use in an online fight between his adversaries or not?

    Spousal abuse (using the connotation of the word and not a strict legal definition) should be called out every time and Bill abused Gail (this is my lawfully allowed personal opinion of the circumstances) ... by destroying her dying dignity in a flame war by taking that photograph.

    Seriously, authentic progressive men like Editor Bill of a website without barely any traffic and William Fergie couldn't possibly disagree with me.

    1. In addition, he spent all his time at the keyboard, describing all her misery, rather than comforting her.

      Being forced to die in public is usually a punishment. What did that poor woman ever do to deserve to be so treated by her "soulmate"?

      The depth of my contempt and disgust are hard to convey while remaining within the limits of decent discourse.

      Home, laptop.

  2. Nothing says love like liveblogging your soulmate's miserable death, with pictures. 'Tis a pity Blob is always the victim but never the corpse.

  3. Hey, wasn't a DUMBFUCK supposed to sue everybody who highlighted his enthusiasm for deathbed photography?

    So ghoulish, yet so shy. It's a fascinating combination.


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