A Lesson In Single-Minded Focus

I think someone has lost their grip on what it truly was they wanted. Perhaps he learned that being a sand-filled pussy was the highest plateau of accomplishment he would ever reach. Maybe the effort required to make not even a fraction of a dent in the will of superior happy warrior Zombies was more than he could maintain.  Could it be that he finally reached his lifetime maximum of GS13 writer/editor mistakes and decided to surrender and slink away the same way he fled Maryland to escape his lies to the Federal Courts?


The reasons behind a DUMBFUCK’S lifetime of epic failures are of no consequence, and it’s a waste of time to consider them.

What matters are the results.  And the simple facts are that DUMBFUCK has spent years trying to shut up those with whom he disagrees.  People like me, John Hoge, Aaron Walker, The Dread Pirate Zombie Morgana, Dave Alexander, Knot My Wisconsin, Operation Burn Notice, Michael Malone, Dianna, Grace, Jane, Katie, Eric Johnson, AReader1, Accipe remedium, Tremule!, This Other Latin Fucker, Colonelvictortrollpoker, Kyle Kiernan, AJ Fornicarius Hoc, gmhowell, and everyone else in the Zombie Lickspittle Horde he has claimed as enemies.

Only one is silent – Michael Malone.  God rest his soul. Only Death will silence us. And Zombies, not even then…

The rest of us are beyond the nonexistent talents of a DUMBFUCK to intimidate into silence.

He has often said he accomplished everything he ever wanted in his life:

  • A career of less-than-middling jobs that rarely lasted more than three years;
  • A lifetime sucker of government tit;
  • A quarter of a life faking a disability to bind his captive nurse to him;
  • A pauper’s retirement in a tin can, until his stepson ran him off to a subsidized deathbox on the western shore of Lake Michigan;
  • A family who wants nothing to do with him;
  • Grandchildren he’s never seen who, if they are exceedingly fortunate, have been told he is dead;
  • A public legacy of dishonesty and utter failure, of stalking, harassment and multiple restraining orders in multiple states;
  • A grotesque and exceedingly well-documented online footprint of his own creation that ensures he will never, ever earn the trust of another companion.

But on the other hand, he has made us as miserable as he possibly could.

How miserable is that?

Not. Not miserable. Not even the tiniest bit miserable. We are the Most Happy of Warriors, unwilling to give up that power over our own emotions to anyone else.

He cannot possibly make us miserable, for he lacks our permission.

This great goal:

Not just a failure; a failure of epic proportions.

Another day has dawned with a ridiculous DUMBFUCK failure cowering and powerless before an Army of Happy Zombie Lickspittle Warriors armed with pointage, laughery and mockification.

As it was yesterday, it is today, and it shall be once more tomorrow.

Who could ask for more, save for one more comment in the moderation queue, toothlessly promising “See you in court,” like a hundred times before?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “A Lesson In Single-Minded Focus”

  1. Maybe he HAS seen you in court... but was too much of a fucking idiot to realize that his great white whale was feet from him and had no fucking clue. Because. Fucking moron.


  2. Hopefully his new president will make it mandatory for fraudulent Parkinson's fucks to take the cure.

    Who is going to stop President Trump? As he fumigates the While House, in preparation for human occupation once again, perhaps he can use HIS pen and phone.

  3. It is really a lesson in single-minded failure. Your list of his "accomplishments" would drive any sane person into a complete depression, realizing what an utter failure their life is - they would commit suicide. But Bill is too stupid and crazy to realize it. Which gives us so many more days/months/years of amusement, laughing and pointing at him.

  4. I'd say something like "Suck it, Shakes", but the shit that's covering his face suggests that might not be wise,

  5. Indeed. Surrounded by friends and family this holiday week, I am tempted to feel sorry for my Cousin.

    Nope. Not happening.

    It's all your own damn fault, Bill. You chose your path of failure and despair.

    Me? Happy!

    (Apropos of nothing, Deb Frisch is rotting in jail in Northern California, awaiting extradition to Colorado to face a felony charge of stalking and harassment. Heads up, Cousin.)

  6. http://www.lifenews.com/2015/06/26/euthanasia-doctors-are-killing-mentally-ill-patients-sometimes-without-their-consent/

    Somebody might take him up on the "rest of my life" part of that quote.

      1. There are lots of voodoo zombies in the Caribbean ... or so I have been told ... by some ...


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