Captive Soulmate Replacement Search Continues

He aches.  Every day, he aches.

Aches for a new captive nurse.

“Google my name!” he says with pride.  And then wonders why it’s adios muchacho. 

And for no particular reason, I thought The Jewel in the Crown might consider a new avatar.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Captive Soulmate Replacement Search Continues”

  1. Hope women in St Francis Wisconsin or thereabouts have the common sense to google LiberalLad on OurTime so they can learn that Bill Schmalfeldt is a pedo psycho stalker with NINE RESTRAINING ORDERS against him in SIX STATES!

  2. Just leave this here without comment.

  3. Well, he could of easily shortened the physical appearance part to "I'm an ugly disgusting man." Saves from actually having to meet him.

    Not like there will be any good PR on him.

  4. Love the little "God bless you" at the end... like any good Christian woman would consider your disgusting fatass, Shakes.

    I pray every night that no one else becomes a victim of your various bullshit, Schmalfeldt (of St. Francis Wisconsin).

    P.S. Eat a bag of dicks.

  5. "And for no particular reason, I thought The Jewel in the Crown might consider a new avatar."

    I very much foresee a pair of size XXXXL knickers becoming terribly knotted over that epic zombified image. LOL!

    Heaven knows that poor, poor woman would have gladly traded herself from Team Schmalfeldt to Team Zombie Horde in life had she not been held captive at the hands of a monster disguised as her husband. Word on the street is his "beloved" refused to pursue any and all medical intervention and treatments which could have prolonged her life.

    Curious that. And, seriously... who the heck could blame her?

    IMO – I think GS makes a fine addition to the undead ranks. And, it's a far cry roomier out here than in that hideous timekeeping hunk 'o rock the demented one stuffed her into in an effort to keep her ever useful to him. However, being as he's beyond worthless and lazy... how much does anyone want to bet the self-absorbed slob hasn't even bothered to replace her urn clock batteries? And, odds are there's an inch-thick layer of dust on top of it, too.

    The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt doesn't ache because he misses her... he aches because he's sitting around in an aging, sedentary, morbidly-obese body desperately yearning for a new captive caretaker who ain't ever comin'... and, he knows it... because deep down in his little, black heart even he knows how disgusting he is, and how undeserving he is to be in the company of a good-and-decent woman. Heck... the last one opted for death over spending anymore time on Earth with the big, fat, selfish sack of gack.

    Not to mention... "Google Bill Schmalfeldt" is really a thing that really happens... forever and ever and ever and ever... amen. LOL!

    1. What's amazing is how miraculous her death was for his health. There's almost a twisted Lazarus sort of thing there, like she brought him back from the brink of death.

  6. Funny, that. I have perfect teeth. Not a filling, nor a missing tooth, in my entire mouth. Wisdom teeth all in place, functioning as addition molars. Never had a toothache or a loose tooth.

    Guess Cousin Bill drew the short straw on that one.


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