26 thoughts on “Welcome to That Particular Twilight Zone…”

  1. What a fucking LIAR!!!! He has no college education, he has 2 or more children, he is NOT stocky.....he is FAT. This profile looks like it was written by someone with absolutely NO social awareness or skill. He says he can't understand why once he meets his dates for a meal they want nothing to do with him. His words were "its adios muchacho".

    Let me offer to help Krendler's Bitch(KB) on his massive dating problem...........IT'S YOUR AWEFUL PERSONALITY, NON-EXISTING SOCIAL SKILLS AND COMPLETE LACK OF SOCIAL AWARENESS.

    1. He could always try to better himself by actually getting some of that college education. I'm sure there's a community college or two around where he lives, and in most states seniors can take a class or two each semester at minimal or no cost.

      If he's healthy enough to go to Chicago for an overnight, he's healthy enough to go out two or three times a week for a class or two. My local CC actually has non-credit stuff for people who don't want or need full college classes, one or two sessions each on topics of general interest including wine tasting, specific computer programs, local history, etc., etc.

      1. But how long do you think ole LiberalLad would actually LAST in a college setting?

        Hint: "BOOK NOT TRUTH! SCHMALFELDT AM TRUTH!! roar!!1eleventy"

        1. I suppose I'm the eternal optiminst. Though that is why I suggested the one or two day 'enrichment' type things, they usually aren't graded and if it's not political, grammar, or medicine, he might have a more open mind so they'd be a better start.

    2. Bill "LiberalLad on OurTime" Schmalfeldt = never NOT lying about his credentials, his past, his stalking history, his NINE restraining orders, his GTFO order from Microsoft for sending/receiving childporn/malware, etc etc etc

  2. Didn't we see him with a cigar jammed up hi mooch one time? hardly a non-smoker.

    And what kind of Occupation is Political? Just pull out the forward slashes and roll up it all up into the one big glob it is. PS: might as well add "for a really short time" to this hot mess as well.

    And aren't we going to tell the ladies about all our truck driving jobs?

  3. His name is LiberalLad, thus he is a Liberal, and so that automatically makes him a LIAR.

    So why are we surprised that he would LIE on date application (although there may be 1 nugget of truth in there somewhere, like his hair and eye colors, everything else is suspect).

  4. When "I" want to make new lady friends I go to:
    *McDonald's on Sunday morning,
    *Go shopping at Walmart, Target etc..
    *Go to the Grocery store(This is the best place),
    *Give my pastor a heart attack by going to church.

    If I just want a little Chickie then I go to the collage town near by and hang at the campus bars and the coeds pick me up.(Not bad for a overweight man old enough to be their grandpa.)

    As a side note I am away for a week and Bill has a new everything. From the picture he has posted he needs to be under the care of an oncologist or he has a serous drinking problem.

  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheFatMan_BTR/status/787831479128715264

    Says the 800lb tub of shit.

    Shut your suck, fatass.


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